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A Collection of Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes — 27 Comments

    • Oh, do - it's delicious! And right - some of these I didn't originally make for a holiday at all - but they are seasonal and good, so I included them here.
    • It is such a sanity saver! It can let you hang with your guests instead of the side dishes, it can save dinner if something goes wrong, and it can mean that you are free to make one finicky last minute dish because the rest are covered! Thank you, and I hope it helps your friends!
    • I find they sometimes are slighted at holiday meals. But Thanksgiving is, essentially, a harvest festival - surely we should be celebrating in-season produce! (Besides we love vegetables... They're on our table at any meal!)
    • Absolutely. There have been years we would not have been able to do it if I hadn't prepared ahead... And thank you, great, I'm glad to help! Even if this just makes someone look at her own recipes, and think "I could bring it to this point and then..." - I'm fine if that helps!
  1. I am not hosting this year. In fact, I've only hosted one Thanksgiving! BUT, I am making an appetizer and bringing a bunch of booze to make cocktails! Your make-ahead dishes look fabulous! Although we aren't hosting, I can still make them all, right? Right! I can't wait to start!
    • I just can't do it, these days. Which makes me wonder why I even tried... So much more relaxed if I'm not in the kitchen scrambling! Thank you, and I hope they help you, too!
  2. I like to take shortcuts too during the holidays. It allows me to spend more time with people I care about. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. There are some great recipe ideas in here! I personally love the roasted onions...I know!! Not a common favorite but they are so good! Nice round up! happy Thanksgiving!
    • Absolutely. I don't want to spend the day in the kitchen doing prep work (and my kitchen isn't big enough for the Whole Traditional Family Gathering approach - even if I was asking anyone whose idea of fun was helping me chop onions!) I love just popping things in and out of the oven! You're quite welcome, and I hope some of them help!
    • Thank you! And of course it is LOL Most of them I first made for other days myself, it's just that they're so good for a holiday table, or entertaining in general. Enjoy them!

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