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Sugarfree Halloween Treats – a Roundup — 24 Comments

    • Thanks! I really did like the variety I was able to choose from - a recipe to fit just about anywhere, from a light snack to a one dish meal!
  1. These are so fun! I think my favorite are the Pepperoni Pizza Pockets and the witch brooms! Such cute ideas here! I get so sick of all that candy and sugar during Halloween!
  2. What a great round-up! It really proves that Halloween doesn't have to be all about the sugar - even kiddos can have lots of HEALTHIER fun! Love these spook-tacular ideas! And thanks so much for sharing our Franken-Kiwis! We love creating healthier treats for Halloween, and those adorable little guys are one of our fave creations! Happy Halloween!
  3. What great ideas to be festive for Halloween without all of the sugar! I used to have such a sweet tooth, but as I've gotten older, I really look more toward savory flavors or foods that are naturally-sweetened. These would be so great at a party!
    • Thanks! LOL yeah, most adults sdon't really want just candy corn for dinner... (and even if we do, have a general feeling that Something Else might be a good idea...) The friend who gives a party most years provides the requisite candy, but doesn't really have a sweet tooth himself. That's why I made the worms in the first place - and they were a hit. And so many of my friends with kids are looking for options...

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