Hi! I’m Anne. Welcome  to my kitchen! Well, we’re actually going to sit down out there at the table in the living room – there’s no room for even one chair in the kitchen…

I live in Manhattan, in an apartment with the smallest kitchen I’ve ever had even in New York City, with Rich, who eats and washes up, and two cats, who get underfoot (because that’s the Cat Job…)

I first cooked for myself every day in a dorm, in college, so learned early to keep things simple. Now, I have chronic migraine (which is improving, thank you) so I absolutely must keep my cooking simple. At the same time, for reasons of health and budget – and taste – I do not want to rely on commercially prepared food, whether packaged or from restaurants.  If I cook it myself, I know what I am eating, and can control both quality and cost.

And, to complicate matters slightly, while I have been writing this blog I have discovered that I have issues with gluten. Eliminating that has been much easier for me than for many people, partly because I just wasn’t eating much bread anyway, and largely because I wasn’t eating much commercial  prepared food – which often has gluten where you might not expect it… So now this has become a Gluten Free Blog – but really, that’s almost a sideline. I will occasionally post recipes for Gluten Free baked goods and the like, as I figure them out, and I will discuss alternatives – but mostly, I cook the way I did all along – pot roast and vegetarian bean soups and lots and lots of vegetables.  No matter what you do or do not eat, you will probably find something here you will like!

I am self employed, and represent products in retail stores. Doing so, I have sold both food and cookware, done cooking demos in stores for each, and spoken to very many people about cooking. I have learned that, while many people enjoy cooking, and do it as a hobby, many have been convinced by TV shows, glossy magazines, and Foodie friends that it has to be complex and take vast amounts of time and effort. They believe that either you spend half an hour making the perfect béchamel from scratch, or you open a can of cream of something soup. Either everything you buy is perfectly organic, or imported, or otherwise “best quality,” or you order in and have no concept where your food comes from. Either you serve the perfect roast with the right sauce and delicate baby vegetables, or you eat a hamburger.

Well, I hope to show that this is a not a forced choice. Any of the above can be a valid choice, as you please – we’re all adults, you make your own decisions, and I’ve done them all, at one time or another –  but there are quick sauces, easy dishes, and shortcuts that do not compromise quality.

And, finally, there is nothing like opening my front door, smelling something wonderful, and realizing that it is *my* dinner, and I can sit down and relax. And I want you to know that experience.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve lived in places with small kitchens and not so small kitchens, and I have a few friends who have lived some part of their lives in New York City, so I can appreciate what you have to work with it. Up until five years ago, I was one of those people who believed good food had to take hours to prepare and I wasn’t willing to invest that much time in something that would take an hour (probably less) to gobble up. But since then, I’ve also turned towards trying to cook as often as possible from whole foods — and we try our best to avoid processed foods at all costs! Keep sharing your meals!

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