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  1. Great post! I recently got an Instant Pot, and the thing I've been loving it most for is cooking dried beans. It really does cut down on the time and the texture of the pressure-cooked beans is great!
    • I use my electric pressure cooker for beans and brown rice on a regular basis. Other things, too - I have chicken stock in it right now, and I do make actual dinner recipes, but those are my staples. And thank you! I call for beans in so many recipes, I like to make sure people know all the options, from canned to this!
  2. I'm all for doing whatever it takes to reduce or eliminate the effects of beans on the digestive system. . .especially where the hubby is concerned. And such a great idea to prepare them in the Instant Pot to eliminate boil over. I was just making a syrup on my stove top. . .and let's just say we are still trying to get used to each other. Well, that syrup boiled over and made one huge mess. Not fun!
    • LOL - I always wonder when I say that what people will think... I've seen many directions that either assure you that you can skip the soak (and many people can) or faithfully recommend it (with no clue why.) I like to know why I take extra steps - and I have found this one makes a difference. And oh, dear... Yes, I'm still getting used to the stove in the new house as well - I have used electric stoves before, but I'm not fond of them. I hope you figure yours out soon!
  3. Pressure cooker beans are one of my favorite ways to cook them for all of the reasons you listed above. I've never done the bowl in a bowl method, so I'm going to have to try it. Have you ever thrown a leftover ham bone into the pressure cooker with your beans? If not, you need to try it. (Uncured, smoked hams don't have all the nitrates and are getting easier to find.)
    • The bowl in bowl does help with foaming, if that's ever been an issue. Hmmm... done that in a slow cooker, but not the pressure cooker. I'm not sure it would fit, to be honest - but I"ll have to see! Thanks for reminding me. Often what I do, though, is just cook that in the slow cooker for the stock - and then use that in the recipes when I use the cooked beans.
    • LOL - same here! I always have canned on hand, because there are just days... but I'm using them less often, now. Hope you like it, and thank you!
    • Oh, perfect! When I got the pressure cooker, I have to admit it sat around for a long time while I figured out what I wanted to do with it - but now I use it regularly. Hope you like this method as much as I do.
  4. Well, I still don't have an insta-pot. I used to have two pressure cookers -- really old and gave them away. The only thing I did with them was to can veggies and soups. And it must be wonderful to be able to cook the beans in just no time. I'd buy the dry beans more often if I had an insta pot.
    • I had a stovetop one many years ago, and really almost never used it - it took too much fuss. Yes, it was fast, but I seemed to have to totally concentrate on it - and I needed to fix the rest of the meal! The electric pressure cooker (mine isn't an Instant Pot but they do the same things and more, I understand) is a whole other story, though. I don't have to pay any attention to it at all!

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