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Creamy Corn and Leek Soup — 16 Comments

    • I like the cool weather (not cold!) and a nice soup is one of the pleasures of the season! I hope this helps you with the transition. ;-)
    • LOL - That's exactly what happened here! (Well - I did saute and freeze some of the leeks for later...) I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
    • Thank you! It was interesting - most of my peppers have been really hot this year, but this didn't seem to be - I think the other flavors mellowed it. In fact, no one flavor really stood out, it all just melded together.
    • I know what you mean - sometimes I forget they're not just another form of onion but have their own flavor. And sometimes it seems like too much trouble - which is the reason I've taken to cleaning and sauteing the whole bunch at once. That way they don't wither away in the crisper waiting for me to feel like dealing with them at dinner time!
    • Not an icky sort of sweet, though - just a light and surprisingly pleasant flavor (to my taste, at any rate... I'm not fond of recipes that dump sugar into food I think should be savory!)

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