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Tuna Chickpea Salad with Carrot — 24 Comments

  1. This looks so good and healthy! I am not a huge fan of chickpeas and I would have never thought to make it this way. Yum! Love, Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com
    • Thanks! Chickpeas are wonderfully versatile. While they certainly can stand alone (if you like them) many traditional recipes mix them with other food, for the flavor. They mix very well with meat stews and curries, for instance (as most firm beans do, for that matter.)
    • Thank you! Enjoy it! (And thar's pretty much how I made it in the first place - I wasn't developing a recipe, I was just making lunch with what I had around.)
  2. What a great lunch - that would definitely keep me full til dinner. I love chickpeas, and don't use them enough!
    • Thanks! They are so useful - though I find I use them a little differently than I do other beans. I'm glad I tried them in this!
  3. What a delicious Tuna Chickpea Salad with Carrots! I simply cannot wait to try it! Very interesting combination of ingredients. I am saving this recipe for later.
    • Enjoy! You know, I really improvised it the first time - but then Rich kept asking for it so I knew I had to put it on the blog!
  4. What a great salad for lunch or dinner. I love using tuna this way. Chickpeas are a stable here...I use them in everything. Great amount of protein in this recipe.
    • I use them all the time, too - which is the reason I had them on hand. And yes - it's so easy to skimp on protein in a salad without quite realizing it - but this made a good solid meal (we had it quite often last summer, and will again this year I'm sure!)
  5. I love the addition of the chickpeas! My son loves them and he loves tuna - so I will definitely be making this for his meal prep lunches!
  6. That is a quick and easy recipe and a great way to use some texture and flavor to the meal. I love adding chickpeas to all my salads.
  7. I’m like you...so many times I don’t measure the first time I make a recipe, and then have to figure it al out with more practice! You think I would have learned by now. This looks delicious
  8. This is a great twist on both tuna and chickpea salad, it is high protein and great for family picnic.
  9. This is protein packed salad I like the addition of chickpeas along with tuna and carrot. You made delicious as well healthy meal in less time.

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