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Potato Salad with Parsley — 25 Comments

    • I've found that there are more suggestions out there for freezing herbs than for how to use them once you have them... LOL I can do this with the frozen herbs, or with fresh, and it's all good...
  1. Yum, well I can honestly say I've never come across a potato salad WITHOUT mayonnaise so this sounds absolutely delicious! What a great idea to add vinegar for extra flavour in the potatoes. Love how you can substitute all kinds of different herbs to mix up the flavour each time. Definitely saving this one!
    • Thank you! Enjoy it! I got that technique with the vinegar from - some cookbook, I don't remember what - more than 30 years ago, and I've used it ever since. It's subtle difference, but people always comment that my potato salad tastes a little different, a little brighter... and I think it is well worth it. And totally do this with different herbs. I love dill...
    • LOL I'm with you - I like them both, too! I use them for different things, or in different moods - and thought I'd start with the less well known variation. And than you! (Yes, easy is a major point...)
  2. This reminds me a little of my German Potato Salad recipe with the vinegar and oil. I love mayo in my potato salad, but sometimes it's good to have something different.
    • Yes, definitely related, but since that term is often used for a specific variation I decided to avoid it. I make it both ways - depends on why I want it...
    • Thank you! I grew up with, and for years used, parsley purely as garnish - so rarely "bothered with it." But in the last few years I've been learning how really wonderful it is, how much flavor it adds!
  3. Hello there! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe at Healthy Vegan Fridays! It's going to be featured this coming week =) I love potato salad! I typically make mine with vegan mayo, but I think the sound of yours is nicer & lighter. Sounds like a perfect potluck accompaniment. I especially like your tip about soaking the cooked potatoes in vinegar to give them more flavour. As someone who *loves* vinegar, I will definitely be trying this out =) Thanks for linking up! I look forward to seeing more of your recipes. I'm pinning & sharing this one. Have a great week Anne!
    • Thank you! And enjoy it! I'm not vegan, so many of my recipes are not - but enough are that I'll drop periodically - and I'm always delighted to see what other people do!
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