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Super Simple Spinach Hummus — 39 Comments

    • Thank you for so kindly returning! And - even more, for telling me you had a problem commenting. I filed a trouble ticket, and we think we know what happened, and I think I have fixed it... and should be able to prevent it from recurring. But if you had not contacted me, I would not have had all the information, and might not have found the root cause. So I deeply appreciate you taking the time and trouble!
    • Thank you! So do I! Both the original with tahini, and all the modern American variations! There is just so much I can do with the basic idea.
    • I think that's where the recipe started - I had some cooked spinach and wanted to use it! Then we liked it so much... Enjoy!
    • Thank you! Snack, dip, or often part of lunch, in our house... It completes a salad or brothy soup! And this was so easy...
    • Thanks! Hmm - I never heard of using yogurt in it - interesting! Mine, of course, is not traditional. I dithered a while about calling these spreads "hummus" but found that "bean spread" just didn't help people visualize it... Oh, well. It's good, whatever I call it!
    • LOL I never saw it before I made it, either! It started just as an impulse and a use for some spinach - but we enjoyed it, so... Hope you like it as much as we do!
    • I'm laughing, because "crazy ingredients" could well include spinach... (totally non-traditional.) But yes, really, once I made my own I prefer that, traditional or not. It's really so easy... and I do like controlling the ingredients. (Less expensive, too.)
    • Oh, I make so many different types! you're right, it is fun to experiment, and gives us variety. And I love the way it can just round out a meal.
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