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Roasted Garlic Whipped Feta — 29 Comments

    • It really is very easy. Thanks. OK, now, Greek Yogurt is the term used in the US for strained yogurt - it's a bit thicker than unstrained. You might know it by a different name. And if not, just use a bit less of whatever yogurt you find. It's mostly there to add moisture without sacrificing flavor, so you could also use a teaspoon or two of milk.
  1. Oh my gosh, hubby is going to love this! I will too, but he LOVES feta cheese so much that he finds many times during the day to eat it. I love the texture and the amount of roasted garlic is in it! I can't wait to make your delicious recipe!
    • Whipped feta by itself is so soft and spreadable it seems like a different cheese. But the flavor the roasted garlic adds is just amazing! (Do give it time to develop - it's just not as good the first day as it becomes.)
    • It really does! (If I do say so myself...) I'd played with one or two other ideas that sounded good but just fell flat, but this one!
  2. I love feta cheese and I love roasted garlic and you have just put my two favorites into one!! Genius......LOVe this !! Definitely going to try this soon. Pinned for later.
    • Perfect for an appetizer - but honestly I ate some of it for lunch accompanying bean soup! Goes well with many things! And thank you!
  3. You had me a Roasted Garlic and my whipped feta I am ready to get into the kitchen and make this amazing dip. I so agree, all those leftovers in the kitchen can make amazing leftover recipes. This is an awesome dip and I would love this on a sandwich with roast beef.Yum.
  4. I've never tried whipped feta before! I'm already imaging all of the delicious ways that I would use it ;) YUM!

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