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Egg Salad — 11 Comments

  1. My family is suuuuuper into egg salad, so I'm always looking for new spins on it. I've never served it on rice cakes before - what a fun idea! When we go to the beach, we like to use one piece of bread and stuff it with egg salad and fold it over. We call them "egg salad tacos", and my 6yo absolutely loves it!
  2. How interesting that you used salsa in your egg salad! I’m sure it adds another layer of flavor to an already yummy dish.
  3. I'm totally with you on measuring onion...I never do that! I just play it by ear/sight. Besides, more is always better
  4. Love this recipe! Super simple and super delicious. Love the use of adding salsa .. very creative and it really must add a great flavor to this egg salad.
  5. I would be making this for lunch today if I hadn't just used up all of my salsa. It sounds delicious. It also sounds like you're doing a great job meeting Don and Barbara's needs to keep them happy and healthy. I know from experience that can be hard. This is a great recipe, and even though we're not gluten free, I would enjoy this on a rice cake, too.

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