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Easy to Use Roasted Garlic — 24 Comments

  1. We just love roasted garlic. And this method is such a great idea. Easy to make lots of cloves and less mess! Thank you for sharing.
    • Thank you! I did three whole heads at once - I'm using some in another recipe I'm testing, so I wanted a lot - and it's so easy to use now!
    • LOL - well, they do tell bloggers to "find the pain point, solve the problem"! This is hardly a major problem, but... it sure is annoying. Hope you like the technique as much as I do!
  2. I love roasted garlic, but I had a very negative experience once while roasting the whole head, too. You summed it up well describing the mess, and how much of the garlic was lost. Like you, I prefer to break the cloves apart. I've been known to throw tons of peeled cloves in a pan filled with chicken just so I can squeeze them on my bread. I have never tried parboiling them to make removing the skins easier, so I must say that's pure genius. Thanks for the tips. Now, I'm trying to decide what I can cook tonight that will pair well with roasted garlic, so I can try your technique.
    • I know, it tastes so good, but... The parboiling is a professional method - sometimes they don't really carry over into a home kitchen (and this certainly would not for just a few cloves) but sometimes they're a big help. Thank you, and enjoy it!
  3. How clever! I usually roast my garlic as a whole head, drizzled with oil and wrapped in aluminium foil! The boiling method looks interesting and I am definitely going to try it next time!
    • Yes, that's the classic and more typical way - but honestly I just found it annoying. But while roasting already peeled cloves isn't as pretty, it can be so much easier to use! Try it and see which you prefer!
  4. I makes it so easy to use garlic in everything once you have it roasted. Love it! Plus the concentrated flavor it has is simple irresistible!
    • Butter. Sour cream. Put a single clove on a canape. Mix into dip. The uses are endless, when you have that handy little container in the fridge! And thank you!
  5. Oh my goodness...what an amazingly helpful article! Thank you for posting this because in the past I'm just roasted it with oil and well...it turned out not good at all! I love roasted garlic spread on a piece of toasted bread and this is the recipe to get me the results I want!! Thank you so much!

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