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Lazy Cook’s Fresh Tomato Sauce — 19 Comments

    • Oh, yes - this was going to happen this fast, or it was not going to happen! There was too much else going on last week (some of which was totally unexpected) - and I needed to start getting through the tomatoes before they went soft! But still - nothing like that fresh tomato flavor...
  1. Fresh tomato sauce can be so versatile. I often make big batches of tomato sauce and then use it throughout the week. Also, the color on that sauce is so vibrant.
    • Right - this batch went into 3-4 meals that week. And I might not have bothered to use tomatoes in them otherwise. Isn't it bright! And that's the real color - didn't tweak it at all.
    • It was just the wrong week in my life to get a basket of tomatoes... LOL But I had to do something with them. Then I realized that tomatoes wait for no cook, and other people might like this! And thanks - the flavor is different, but good...
  2. This is perfect! My son hates chunks so I even have to puree the meat sauce! I love the simple ingredients used in this recipe. I bet this sauce is light, fresh and flavorful.
    • Thank you! And for me, the attraction is that I only have good fresh tomatoes 2-3 months of the year - the rest of the time, canned are really a better option than the flavorless lumps in the supermarket. So, aside from dealing with the sudden influx, it's nice to have something that is not trying to replicate the long simmered sauces I can easily make with canned tomatoes, but a recipe that takes full advantage of the bright, fresh flavor! If you can make this all year, that's wonderful!
    • Oh, I think we all have such a person... though circumstances may determine how dominant! But I do really enjoy the fresh flavor, so it's a good thing, right?

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