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  1. This looks delicious! Have you tried it as a pesto on pasta? We are signed up for a weekly produce basket and some times we get interesting produce like this and have NO idea how to use it! Thanks for sharing :)
    • Not on pasta, yet - mostly because we don't really eat a lot of pasta - but I bet it would be good. Our produce share starts this week - and that's inspired a number of recipes over the years... Search the site, you never know, I may have already written about the vegetable you're wondering about! And if I haven't, feel free to ask me on Facebook or Twitter I might have a way to cook it that I have not yet written up. (With the caveat that I might say "I don't know, I've never seen that myself!" LOL)
  2. I had no idea you could eat radish greens! I'm all for reducing food waste so high five to you for coming up with such a creative recipe! I also love how there's no dairy or gluten in it, makes it perfect for anyone with allergies/food intolerance!
    • I only learned I could a couple of years ago - I was quite surprised! And I agree - I can't stand to throw out perfectly good food... (I'm on a campaign to get the other members of our CSA to eat beet greens - even though we happily take and enjoy their discards.) Well, anything on my site in the last couple of years is gluten free, because I need to be. Not the first year or so - I didn't know it was a problem for me then, but for more than two years now, anything I cook is gluten free. I do use dairy, though some of my recipes use alternatives - I know enough people who need them. There are, of course, other intolerances - I'd guess (from the taste and mouth feel) these are high in oxalic acid, for instance, and I know people who need to avoid that... It's all about knowing your own body.

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