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Gluten Free Pasta with Grilled Vegetables — 20 Comments

    • You can perfectly well make this with regular pasta, too, of course, if you can eat it - it's just that I cannot. Just skip my Discussion of Cooking gluten free pasta... LOL But yes - I love the combination!
    • Thank you! And yes, it's the grilling that gives the flavor - you don't have to wait to find mini vegetables - but they are so appealing!
  1. I love simplicity and that's what this dish is! And my all time favorite pasta is Barilla's Gluten Free pasta. You really can't tell it's Gluten Free! Great recipe! Those veggies look amazing!
    • Thank you! And thanks for the suggestion - that one does seem to be working itself into my short list. (Right now, it's the easiest for me to get, for one thing.)
  2. This is one of my favorite dinners! Grilled veggies are a cinch to make and they taste great with with pasta and a little parmesan cheese. Yum!!
  3. Yum! We're actually going to grill a bunch of veggies today! I went a little crazy in the produce department thinking I would have the time this weekend to make a bunch of things with them but time got away from me. Grilling the veggies is always our solution when they need to get used. This pasta dish is the perfect way to use them!
    • LOL Oh, I know that feeling! Here, now, it's part of the CSA - I get what I get, ready or not - but I used to get carried away at the farmer's market! And grilling is one of my favorite ways to stop time, so to speak. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!
    • Thank you! It varies a lot by what pasta you can get - and by what texture you like to begin with. We preferred a texture that was heavily dependent on the gluten in durum wheat - and for a long time I could only get rice pasta, locally, which is the farthest from that texture... But it's all about what you like, yourself.
  4. I love those cute little veggies too. Just the other day I saw the most gorgeous miniature eggplant. The problem is when I find those little cuties I just want to stare at them. . .so there they sit. . .never making it into my food. Anyhow, throwing grilled veggies in pasta is such a great idea.
    • LOL - I know, right? On one of my posts a few years ago I have a bowl of little lavender streaked mini eggplants, just trying to be a centerpiece! This is the best way I have found, so far, to preserve at least some of the looks while still actually eating them! (Though eggplant loses its color no matter what I do...)

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