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Wilted Spinach Mushroom Salad — 24 Comments

    • Oh, you have to! I mean, of course you don't have to, but... if you enjoy them, they're a wonderful addition to a salad, either prepared this way (obviously I'll plug my own recipe LOL) or just sliced raw. Actually, try them both ways - there is a significant difference, and that itself is quite interesting. Did I mention that we really, really like mushrooms?
    • A spinach salad is a classic for a reason - it's delicious. Best, I think, with tender young leaves. If you have more mature leaves, you may want to cut out the stems - they can start getting a bit stringy. And you can mix spinach in with other salad greens, if you just want to try the idea, to begin with. In winter, the spinach in the supermarket often has more flavor than the lettuce - if you want wintertime tossed salads, this is one way to improve them. Enjoy it!
    • Thank you! Yes, I thought of it mostly as a side salad - but a little chicken cooked with the mushrooms wouldn't hurt it at all. ;-)
    • Yes, I like it because it's a little different from the usual, as well as being just good in and of itself! Thanks!
    • Aren't they good? And it's nice, sometimes, to have have a salad that's a bit different from the typical tossed lettuce... Enjoy it!
    • Yes, they got lumped into "other salad greens" in the recipe... Feature the spinach, certainly, but a little radish, arugula, or scallion to garnish are all pleasant.

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