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Sauteed Turnips and Radishes — 8 Comments

  1. When we were kids we used to eat raw radishes. I would put salt on them and really enjoyed the flavor. I must admit I have never tried a turnip. I will have to put it on my list. Thanks for your post:-)
    • Yes, I've always loved raw radishes. Rich is less fond of them, though, so I've ended up using them with a lighter hand... The cooked ones aren't sharp, though, so he does like these, more! And if you like raw radish, you'll probably like the slightly peppery turnip! Enjoy them!
    • It's such an underused method for cooking vegetables! I like it because it keeps all the flavor that so often gets boiled away (and poured down the drain...) Thank you!
    • I know, right? My local grocery store never has really good turnips (its produce department is generally pretty poor) and I didn't eat them often until I was able to get to a farmer's market and get them fresh. What a revelation! And radishes are too often just treated as garnish... This was sort of a hunch, really - and I was delighted by the result!
  2. I was never a fan of radishes until I tried this recipe. I must say it changed the way I feel about it, entirely. Thank you so much for the recipe, it was super delicious!

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