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WIAW 176 – Summer, Again!

Did I say Summer was winding down? It’s been back in the 90s…  Just so I know it’s August, I guess.

WIAW 176 - Summer Again!

We’re still doing the Shared Computer Thing – Rich thought he had something for me, but there’s been a hitch.  And I think by now I have identified every task that Almost But Doesn’t Quite Work on my phone…  Mostly things where I can do everything up to the very last step – and then I need a desktop. So now we sort out the Sharing schedule!  Meanwhile there’s Family Stuff taking time and attention again,  so meals are quick and I’m a bit distractable.

WIAW 176 - Summer Again!

And I’m living on breakfast tacos. I’m up before he is, so that’s my uninterrupted computer time – I want breakfast I can eat with one hand while I mouse with the other. Can’t beat these for that purpose. I’ve been using roman beans, though (mostly because I got a ten pound bag of them… LOL) and they cook up kind of soft for the purpose. That’s why they’re all kind of flat, with cheese running out. Taste good, though, even if they look funny, and fill me up until lunch.

WIAW 176 - Summer Again!

Hey, look, Rich actually stopped at the cheese store and got feta! I do like it  in salad, between the crumbly texture and the salty flavor.  Finishing up the potato salad I wrote about, too, and some cukes in yogurt… And we have tomatoes! He picked up this wonderful aged cheddar, too, so I had to have a little of that on the side.

The CSA gave us some leeks, so I did the thing of sauteing the whole bunch and freezing most for later use. That’s another thing taking some of my time and attention now – we’ve arrived at Preserve the Harvest season. I also cooked several bunches of kale, for both dinner and green muffins. (After last night’s pickup, today or tomorrow will be sauteed celery and cooked beet greens. It doesn’t actually take much more of my time than cooking what I need for one meal – and saves so much effort later!)

WIAW 176 - Summer Again!

Kept some leeks in the pan for dinner, added some of the slow cooked shredded pork I also try to keep on hand,  the kernels cut from an ear of fresh corn, and some of the pot liquor from the kale.  Served that with some potato (microwaved for the sake of speed and convenience) and some of the kale. So dinner itself was super fast, more than making up for the earlier vegetable pre-cooking! (And I have both leeks and kale in the freezer – enough for several meals!)  Planning for meals in practice – use an ingredient, add an ingredient, keep the freezer full…

What are you doing for quick and easy meals? Looking for ideas? Jenn’s WIAW party always has people with ideas… Come over to Laura’s and look!

And let me drop you a note every week – usually a new post, an old post, and maybe a paragraph about what is happening in our lives.  Just tell me how to reach you in the form over on the right!


WIAW 176 - Summer Again!


WIAW 176 - Summer Again!


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