WIAW 160 – April in NYC

Wow! We shot straight through Spring to Summer!

WIAW 160 - April in New York

Well, all right, we all know we’ll just keep bouncing around for a while. But it’s making meal planning challenging! I think – OK, we’ll have soup for lunch all week, I made quarts of chicken stock, and then it’s 80° degrees out and I wish I had salad.  (And I wrote something quite similar a year ago… April in New York, I guess.)

It’s not wreaking havoc with my migraines, though, which is a very pleasant change… Hopefully soon I’ll recover enough to get out to Union Square Greenmarket to get the new season fresh vegetables. (I just have not felt up to the two mile walk… Chronic illness is tiring.) And our CSA starts in June – that’s only a one mile walk.

Saturday, though, it was still cool… so the food reflects that.

WIAW 160 - April in New York

I played with pancakes in the morning, again. This time, one big one (and it would work better if I remembered to add the baking soda at the last minute the way the recipe says…) Eggs over, because I need my eggs cooked thoroughly, and some ham. Terrific combination! The pancake batter has been doing a sourdough fermentation thing, so that flavor with the ham and eggs is just wonderful!

WIAW 160 - April in New York

At lunch I made a rice bowl, Chicken and frozen peas… and I’m experimenting with fast and easy sauce recipes, so this is instant mushroom gravy. Still needs some work, but I’m on the right track… and it’s nice when my experiments mean I get a good lunch.

I regularly go through old posts to re-share them…  There’s plenty of good content on this site by now, and many of my older posts do quite well. The fun thing about that is looking at a post and thinking (as I did Saturday) “Hey, that looks good, and I have all the ingredients! OK, then, dinner tonight!”

WIAW 160 - April in New York

So we had Sausage and Ceci. And then (because apparently I can’t do the same thing twice, unless I’m recipe testing for you) I threw in some frozen spinach and peas, which just added the right touch to complete the meal. And then I had some left over, for a nice hearty warming lunch – as the temperatures soared… Oh, well. Best laid plans and all that…

I’m still playing Tinker with the Blog…  And running around (the internet) madly reminding everyone that I have a great recipe for tender hard cooked eggs, and then an assortment of stuffed egg recipes (if you’re wondering what to do with all those Easter Eggs!) There are rumors that asparagus may be sighted soon at Greenmarket – but it’s such a classic for Easter that I’ve been sharing several recipes for it, as well. (And since someone just reminded me of Hollandaise sauce, I may write that up in the next day or so, as an extra…)

So – those of you celebrating Holy Days/Holidays this week, I wish you a blessed and happy week!

And we’re dancing at Laura’s today, for Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party!

WIAW 160 - April in New York

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