WIAW 161 – Meals in a Rush

Well, this is a Week!

WIAW 161 - Meals in a Rush

I have two different online summits, conferences, whatever you may want to call them…  One  about blogging, and one about migraines – you can see why I’m interested in both. And they overlap by several days…

So I’ve been spending my days rooted to the chair, staring at videos and madly scribbling notes. (And, ironically, the only reason I’m capable of doing this is that my migraines have abated in the last few weeks.  I would have been flatly unable to do this two months ago.) But both have been very informative, with the exact information I need… and it’s well worth it.

(Why, yes, I’m a special snowflake with every “known but atypical” symptom or trigger, and one of the rarest forms of migraine. Which has made life just so much fun, and complicates treatment. But this is one of the few conditions that can actually improve with age – and I seem to finally be aging out of my worst trigger… )

But this means that, while I still need good solid regular meals (again, it’s one of the few things that has really helped the migraines) I don’t want to spend time cooking. So everything here is fast and easy…

WIAW 161 - Meals in a Rush

And that may sound silly when I tell you I made muffins. But with my Corn Muffin Mix (I should update that with volume measurements, for those of you who don’t bake enough to have a scale) I can throw muffin batter together in a minute or two, and it bakes without any attention from me! And of course, then I have some for the next day – easier still. So muffins and protein shake (kefir, OJ, protein powder – again, the easiest possible) have been a good breakfast.

WIAW 161 - Meals in a Rush

If I don’t eat eggs for breakfast, no reason not to for lunch. Cheesy eggs in tortillas are still one of the fastest meals I make – and one of the fastest and easiest to eat… (Today, though, I think I’ll get vegetables in that… I did miss them a bit.)

And while it did take a little time to cut things up for dinner, that meant the actual cooking was quick. So I sliced a pork chop, and some tofu, added them to a pan in which I’d sauteed fresh ginger, sliced and added zucchini and carrot sticks, sauteed everything a minute and then added some broth and soy sauce. (This may look like a stir fry, but it isn’t one – this pan isn’t ideal, the heat is too even, and I was willing to trade a little more time for a less intense cooking experience.)

WIAW 161 - Meals in a Rush

But – maybe 10 minutes cutting things, and another 10 cooking? And everything over reheated brown rice…  Fast, but quite tasty.

Oh – and blogging? Now that I can count on being able to do stuff and not fall apart, this baby has to start earning its way… and we’ll see what the best practices are for that. The content won’t change – hey, I’m still me. I’ve done in-person promotions work for years, so I’m very comfortable about my own boundaries…

And I still want, more than anything, to enable others to put fresh, home cooked food on the table when time and energy are limited. It’s an invaluable skill, and so I want to share it.


WIAW 161 - Meals in a Rush

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