WIAW 162

And I thought last week was crazy!

WIAW 162 - What do you eat when life is nuts?

Well – the blogging summit wrapped up, and then the migraine summit wrapped up, so then we did a flea market on Saturday!

OK, actually Rich did the bulk of that. We had planned it that way all along, partly because I am at the moment busier than he is anyway, and very much because of my physical limitations. Which was just as well, since I was even busier than usual in the week leading up to it – and then the weather jumped all over the place, so I had a truly dreadful migraine weekend. (85°F in April? Really? And 65° the next day…)

So when I haven’t been curled up in bed, I’ve been pretty zoned out. Oh, well, surely I’ll get a brain back one of these days!

What I Ate


WIAW 162 - What do you eat when life is nuts?

So I’m still making muffins, because they’re easy. This time I had them with cheesy eggs – got some Pepper Jack cheese. (Rich isn’t fond of it, but I am, and we don’t always have it here – but it’s an occasional treat.) And coffee…

WIAW 162 - What do you eat when life is nuts?

For lunch I made some squash hummus. I discovered I still had some cooked winter squash in the freezer – I’m getting the last remnants of last Fall’s vegetables out of the very back corners!  And now that it’s getting downright hot warmer, it’s time to get back into making hummus and other spreads, which will go with salads. Right now, I just wanted a super easy lunch, so just had several of these rice cakes with hummus, and a handful of peanuts… Not what I’d usually do, but it worked at the time…

WIAW 162 - What do you eat when life is nuts?

In the middle of the insanity last week, Rich had a birthday. Well – according to the calendar he did – we’ve put off celebrating until we can give it the attention it deserves! But I did throw together a spiced pork roast… a simpler version, really, since I just sprinkled the meat with spices, instead of making the garlic paste (and if you have more than five minutes, make the original – this had much less flavor!) But really, it took five minutes to prepare, I then popped it in a zip bag in the fridge until the next day so that I could just come in, sling it in a roasting pan and slide that in the oven and call it good… Honestly, even plain burgers are more work! And then we had leftovers for the even crazier days… Here, some reheated slices of pork, and grits with frozen peas stirred in . (I must say it all tasted better than that looks…)

I think that we’re going back to normal… well, except that everything that didn’t sell at the fleamarket is now spread out on the table while we decide what to do with it. What should just go to Goodwill or Housing Works? What is worth putting on Craig’s List? Is there anything we really should just throw out? How much time and effort are we going to put into this? Will I ever see the back of that closet?

What do you eat when life really goes nuts?

Laura is hosting Jenn’s WIAW party so swing by, and see what everyone else is eating this May (it’s May already?) week!

WIAW 162 - What do you eat when life is nuts?

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