WIAW 148 – Dreary January

It is raining. Again.

WIAW 148 - Dreary January

Well, we have not gotten the nasty ice storm that hit so many of you, so I can’t really complain too much about it being dreary and bleary… We had some snow, but on the whole, not too bad. And New York has been hovering on the edge of drought after a few dry summers, so hopefully this will help that situation.

But meanwhile – it’s gray and depressing. And I updated the theme – the software framework, essentially – on the site, and every time I turn around I seem to have to fix something… I’ll get that under control in a while, and meanwhile it can be used perfectly well, it just doesn’t look quite the way I want it to. But it’s starting to feel like the neverending task in the neverending rain… (And no, I’m certainly not standing out in the rain playing with my WordPress site! I’m nice and dry and cozy in here, sipping my tea.)

My food, however, seems to be a remarkably sunny orangy yellow. Which I definitely did not plan…  But I suppose that anything that looks cheery is a plus, right now!

WIAW 148 - Dreary January

All right – breakfast. Well… corn is yellow, cheddar cheese is yellow, eggs are yellow… And it’s all easy and tastes good. What more can I ask of breakfast? (Oh, OK, food value – I don’t usually talk about this aspect, but it is, indeed, very nutritious.)

WIAW 148 - Dreary January

I seem to be doing leftovers and rice bowls for lunch, more than soup, this year. This was not a decision – it just seems to be where I am, for some reason. So this lunch was kind of thrown together – leftover Spiced Roast Pork, frozen green beans, and a handful of peanuts, all over brown rice. And it’s really beige, rather than orange… it was just that in the collage picture it picked up the color from either side…

The rain, the snow, the holidays, and some other stuff came together so that I have not gotten to Greenmarket for ages. I’m actually short of vegetables! I need to make a point of getting to the little greengrocer/convenience store – their produce is always much better than the supermarket… But maybe I’ll stick to the golden theme and make some ginger carrots for dinner. That will brighten things up a bit!

WIAW 148 - Dreary January

Monday I took the last butternut (I still have a couple of other squash!) and cut it up. (And you can see it here on Instagram!) Simmered it, then mixed it with some cooked white beans, and some Chipotle Pork from the freezer (currently my favorite way to cook a pork shoulder) for a fast and easy dinner.

I’m hoping the weather settles down, and brightens up, and everyone gets a break from ice and snow! And that you all have a few warm, easy, comforting meals to fix on the days when your attention and energy is elsewhere. I’m certainly glad I did!

WIAW 148 - Dreary January

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