WIAW 144 – Gingerbread

WIAW 144 - Gingerbread

So the big news here is that I made gingerbread, and I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread… or, well… gingerbread…

The issue is that I avoid both gluten and sugar. And both contribute quite a bit to texture as well as flavor of cakes and cookies… so I can’t just blithely leave them out, as I can in some other recipes. So I’ve been studying and reading and thinking and getting ideas… and now I have ventured into the world of gluten free baking. And of course, it took several versions to get it right, and then make sure the recipe worked and wasn’t a fluke…

Why am I telling you this? Well, because… when there are three pans of gingerbread in various levels of goodness and various stages of demolition taking up room in the fridge, you just might eat some for breakfast…

WIAW 144 - Gingerbread

The picture is a cheat – I forgot to take a breakfast picture again. Not sure why that’s suddenly become a problem after three years of these posts! So this is a picture from the photo session from the post… I made cheesy eggs, first, and then ate my gingerbread with coffee. My, that felt decadent…

WIAW 144 - Gingerbread

I cooked a smoked pork shoulder earlier in the week, and since there isn’t much room in the freezer, we’ve been eating it up. (And good it is!) I sauteed some and added cabbage, when that was cooked, added chickpeas and enough broth from the pork to moisten. Served it all over reheated brown rice. Lunch in Ten – I’m starting to get this…

WIAW 144 - Gingerbread

And for dinner, sauteed more of it with some chipotle puree, then simmered with the last of the fresh greens from our CSA – collards. It was just a small bunch, leaves tender, as collards go, so about 10 minutes of simmering was enough, not the full hour the big coarse leaves need in August. It does look rather unappealing, but it was certainly good!

Meanwhile, I’m busy with blog promotion, mostly… People hunt for recipes more from Thanksgiving through New Year’s than all the rest of the year, so I have to make sure that I Share and Tweet and Pin – and hope that others will do the same, so that people looking for them will find them. Then you cross your fingers – one of my most popular recipes for Thanksgiving was Slow Cooked Root Vegetables, which I hadn’t promoted at all – you never know.

I was laughing at an article I read, saying that this is the dead season for blogs, and that you shouldn’t even bother to write – just regroup, plan next year, outline a few posts… Not food blogs. This is our peak season! And, well – of course we’re also planning for next year (but I’ll do more of that in January…)

And come and join Jenn’s party at Sprint 2 the Table again today! (Ohh, Laura was in Mexico… Cool…)

WIAW 144 - Gingerbread



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