WIAW 145

WIAW 145

As I write, the sun has already set on this, the shortest day. It’s a time to regroup, to snuggle in, and to celebrate, in one way or another, the return of the light.

We’re late this year even by my standards, but we’ve finally started to put up Christmas decorations, and my creche figurines – made by a friend – are next to my desk. (The Wise Men are behind me on a bookshelf – they will travel from Christmas to Epiphany, until they reach the Child.)

I haven’t even planned Christmas Dinner! I think it’s just the two of us again, though… We meet friends for dinner on Christmas Eve, by long standing tradition, and the day itself is a bit laid back. I’ll try to get to Greenmarket on Friday, and see what is good in the stores, and go from there.

But meanwhile, we eat.

What I Ate

WIAW 145

I finally made myself some gingerbread muffins, using my recipe from last year! (I need more teff flour… but surely I’ll get around to the waffles, too, for Sunday morning.) And then I made an omelet with smoked pork, instead of my usual cheese.

WIAW 145

We’re finally really in soup season. I live on lentil soup all winter – I need to remember my technique of cooking the lentils ahead, then making soup with them each day, both to save space and so I can vary the soup. I used a little sausage in this batch, and greens, and a dab of tomato paste. Hmm, no picture, but rice cakes on the side.

WIAW 145

Congratulate me, I have reached the point where all remaining winter squash fits in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator! (With a couple of cabbages, and a few root vegetables… and it’s a month since we got our last CSA pickup!) Amazing how much space that refrigerator has when I’m not getting a cart full of vegetables every week… But anyhow, we had some butternut, along with pork chops and brown rice. Delicious!

I wish you all a joyful celebration of whatever (if anything) you celebrate to greet the Light! Even if it’s midsummer, where you are, or this is an ordinary weekend, or… Though I’ve been ensconced in this very American Christmas (with its roots in a very English Christmas) I do remember that you are all over the world, with many beliefs, and traditions. (Yes, Virginia, there are people who do not eat gingerbread in December… and that’s another very American reference… )

I am not spending this week working on a new recipe – I’m taking some time off. So, I’ll see you next week!

WIAW 145



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    • Oh, it sounds good! (Leaping to assumptions of tomato spice maybe bean goodness… not just tortillas… LOL)

      The last few years, I’ve lived on soup all winter… This year, I’m trying for a little more variety – but soup is certainly still in the mix – I do love it!

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