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Stewed Chicken with Tomatoes — 28 Comments

    • Thank you! I am doing better now... I prefer thighs for all those reasons. Breast is nice once in a while cut up and sauteed, but this is my standby.
    • LOL I may need to borrow you! He's been here 20 years, I have for 10 - and along the way we inherited stuff from family, so we have Too Much Stuff. And we're going to have no room at all... (or it feels that way LOL) so that's been difficult. We just have to get rid of so many things we really like and/or use regularly... But it makes no sense to move a (perfectly lovely) sofa 500 miles to a house that already has two perfectly nice sofas! (Ditto all kitchen stuff. Ditto the rest of the furniture. And so on...) So that part has been harder than packing... though finally the actual packing is well underway.
    • Oh, yes, I was all about simple last week - both to make, and to eat. And I do variations of it all the time for weeknight dinners (though then I usually season it a little...) Thank you!
  1. So sorry to read that you got a sick. I hope things will settle down for you after the move too. Dishes such as your stewed chicken and tomatoes are a great option in times like this. It looks very delicious too!
    • Thanks! It was just such rotten timing - and I wanted to explain why I had fallen off the face of the earth! And thanks - this was just right when I finally had a little energy to cook (but not much...)
  2. I'm moving in a few weeks, and this is exactly the kind of recipes that will save me from crashing. Especially when I'll have 4 hungry mouths to feed in the middle of it all. Thanks!
    • Oh, good luck with it! (Ours is complicated enough with just two of us...) Thank you! I admit, we're doing entirely too much canned soup, or crackers and hummus - but I do need Real Meals, especially when working under stress! This worked.

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