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Down’n’Dirty Vegan Chili — 30 Comments

  1. I love how you have put this together. I can't imagine moving and into a new kitchen. Well if it is well stocked and the appliances are fabulous that that might ease the pain. A lot of people cringe when they here tofu, but I believe thatwhen it is seasoned right and cooked well it has such amzing results. I don't mind using commercial packed spices as long as it does not have too many ingredients here. Your chili looks fabulous and delicious and I am virtuall;y smelling it wafting in the either. Have a wonderful rest of the week, and great post! Loreto@sugarlovespices
    • LOL - most of my appliances are coming with me... (They downsized some of theirs in their last move.) But indeed, it is well equipped - and I have cooked in it before, so I have a reasonable idea of what to expect. I'm still waxing nostalgic over every saucepan... oh, well. I hated cooking with tofu (though it was good in Asian restaurants... hmm...) until I learned how to prepare it from a Japanese cookbook. So many Westerners just really don't know how to use it... And that's the reason I stir it with the spices, here, to pick up as much flavor as possible. Thank you - you, too!
    • Oh, yes - I think I must have half a dozen versions on the blog already! It just fits so many slots, as it were - comforting, and flavorful, and satisfying, and it can be easy... Thanks - and it did turn cold finally!
  2. LOL. I love your title for this. Down and Dirty Vegan Chili. I have been known to throw together meals sometimes and Chili is so versatile. I do usually eat it vegetarian, thoough, so I don't eat any meat but seafood - and have yet to find a seafood chili.
    • I'd used that term a year ago for a chicken soup (also thrown together under pressure - and also pretty good) and it seemed worth repeating! Too many are afraid to cook unless they have time for the Gourmet Experience - but really, this took less time than ordering in... (And was so much cheaper, and reliably fit my food needs, and...) I'll eat it either with or without meat. Often I use just the beans, but some people want that "meat substitute" feeling so I've been experimenting with tofu, and I like this method best. (Seafood is tricky because of the simmering... too easy to overcook.)
    • Yes - it's a nice option. Usually if I want it meatless I just use more beans - but that doesn't work for every situation, so I wanted another choice.
  3. I would love to move into my mother in laws kitchen! Man - she has everything! I've never thought about making chili with tofu! What a great idea! This recipe looks delish!
    • LOL - I know what you mean, but... See, mine has everything - but so do I. I've been cooking for decades, and I actually worked in promotions for cookware for a while. So this involves a lot of - OK, her saucepans and my fry pans. Her blender and my food processor. Her plates (but I'm keeping a box - which I won't unpack in this house - of a few things I particularly like that I will want later.) And so on. It's complicated.
  4. I love quick and easy recipes like this. It's so nice to have a few recipes like this in your back pocket! I've never put tofu in chili before. I should totally try it!
    • I have to have a few I don't have to think about! Do try the tofu - but do make sure you cook them as crumbles, first, for the texture.
    • Right - firm tofu, and cook it as the crumbles, first. (And if you want - freeze it first, then thaw and squeeze out water, then cook as crumbles... ) The goal is to drive out moisture, so the tofu is firmer and picks up the seasoning mix. And you can skip it and just use more beans... But enjoy it, whatever you do!
    • Thank you! I appreciate the good wishes! I don't usually use it, but it's a good option if, for some reason I don't want a lot of beans, but also don't want meat. I like playing with different ways of making things, because I never know which will turn out to be Just Right for one of you!
    • LOL You have no idea how much you own until you try to spread it all over the living room to sort... And enjoy the chili!
    • Just so you know, many of my recipes are not vegetarian - but some are. I hope you enjoy the ones that suit you!

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