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Sausage and Kale Rice Bowl — 24 Comments

    • I love it, too! I've been cooking it ever since I could get my hands on it! And it goes beautifully with any kind of sausage. Thank you!
    • Absolutely. We're on a tight budget, and I know some of my readers are, as well. That said, I did sometimes spring for other good sausage until the whole gluten issue arose and reduced my choices considerably. I just feel lucky to be able to easily get the Italian, which I like! But what is locally available will change. Here in New York City it's Italian - but in much of the country you might use brats. Andouille is amazing in this! So - whatever you like, and can get and can use, basically... best (I think) if it has some zip to it.
    • I'm really about as likely to serve it over rice - but if I need to reheat the rice anyway (as I did, here) this is easier - and so good. Thanks!
    • I understand. We love it, but it doesn't always go into recipes as well as some others, and we get tired of eating it plain on the side. A friend of mine had said just that, and I described our meal the night before - this, basically - and realized I should really make it again and write it up! Hope you enjoy it!
    • That would be delicious, too - but quite different. This uses the assertiveness (and seasoning) of the sausage to balance the kale - so if you do that, you may want to add some more seasoning. Or use a milder green - chard or spinach, for instance. But that's the point - you can use the basic pattern and vary it so much!
    • Thanks! You might like it using the Chipotle Tofu (or something flavorful of the sort...) instead of the sausage. (Hm - maybe I should write up a version like that!)

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