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Shrimp and Tofu with Vegetables — 24 Comments

    • Try the technique of wrapping it in a towel (clean dishcloth, paper towel...) Some people find they prefer the texture with a little of the water removed - it may work for you. And you can always either reverse proportions - or just use shrimp! If you try any version, I hope you enjoy it!
    • Yes - Rich and I are used to finishing it ourselves. Two packages would be too much, now, though... The shrimp was just what I needed! And I want people to see how I do this - since so often we need to make dinner with what we have on hand.
  1. This dish is so pretty with the green and orange from the beans and carrots. I love how you created this recipe from what you had and built it layer by layer. That's very creative, and it sounds delicious.
    • I loved the way they looked together! And thank you! I want people to see how to do this, so they feel confident doing it themselves.
    • It's funny - I haven't cooked with shrimp much at all. (And I'm not sure I've ever written it up!) The parents like it, though, so it will be on the radar more strongly... Thank you, and enjoy it!
    • Thanks! This isn't particularly crispy - to get that texture (if you will then add sauce) you need to flour the tofu. It is firm, though.
  2. We love tofu at our house, and have often paired it with fresh veggies and shrimp! I love your thought process of creating a meal from what you had on hand... That is a great skill, and one I'm always trying to impress upon my readers too :-)
    • Thank you! It is a great combination, isn't it? Inhabited Kitchen is about everyday cooking... I don't believe you need to settle for boring just because it's a Tuesday and you need dinner on the table in half an hour. And I think the most effective way to demonstrate that is to - well, demonstrate it. Sure, I hope you'll enjoy my recipes. But I want people to be able to make their own, with what they have on hand themselves. (No shrimp? Use that leftover chicken!)
    • Thanks! LOL - it's one of those ingredients I sometimes seem to forget about, then wonder why I let it go so long. I'm delighted that the parents enjoy it - gives me more options!
  3. I really enjoyed reading this. You cook the way I do! I have trouble sourcing ingredients where I am and just 'make do'. But seriously, that is what home cooks have been doing for hundreds of years so hats off to you! Looks great:)
    • It's what good cooks have always done. And honestly - it's what American Cooking, particularly, is all about - so many people from so many cultures who couldn't get what they were used to, but brought their techniques to the food available... I'm glad you liked it!

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