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  1. There are times when I too feel like posting a recipe that doesn't state the exact quantity. Just gauge and go according to your preference is what I'd like to say!!! :p But yeah, I too realize that when looking at new ingredients or dishes, it's difficult to gauge just because I'm unfamiliar with what it's supposed to taste. Ok, ramblings aside, love that you added pulled pork into the soup. Yum!
    • It can be tricky. We like more hot pepper, for instance, than many people, so I try to give a sort of minimal amount and say "Or to taste" (and then Rich tells me it's bland... LOL) SO, OK, seasoning we know... But maybe you don't have four ounces of pork left. Can you use just three? Sure. Can you go ahead and use five, instead of carefully keeping that smidge? Sure! But... you have to already know how to cook to know which recipes you can do this to... and that's the trick. (Don't be so casual about a souffle!) So I'm trying to give someone starting to cook (or to cook these foods) enough help to begin, while helping them understand what variations they can make - and I'm probably confusing everyone ;-) - but... And thanks!
    • For this recipe, I would probably use seasoned dark meat chicken. The seasoning is what I'm trying to get - so chicken simmered in your favorite sauce or seasoning. Beef would work, too, and lamb or mutton (again, simmered in seasoning until tender) would probably be wonderful. Lamb is ridiculously expensive around here, so I almost never cook it. Too bad, I do like it, but I really can't afford it. And I'm sorry, but I'm cooking more pork than I've ever eaten before in my life, because right now for some reason it is readily and inexpensively available. And I have too many readers (including a few close friends) who therefore can't eat some of my recipes! I'm trying to work around that...
  2. I too am so guilty of expanding too much on a recipe without first providing guidelines. Thank you so much for giving a complete recipe with all the details. Looks like a great thing to have in your fridge for a long wintery weekend.
    • Isn't it easy to do? But I have to judge my audience - and while many are highly experienced cooks, many are not. And in many ways, the less experienced ones are the ones I'm writing for. It was such a good soup in that nasty cold weather we've had lately... Easy, and warming. Thanks!
    • Well, enjoy it! For me, half the reason for cooking that much meat at once (when there are only two of us) is that I then have meat I can put in other recipes - and this is really a great combination. And it is so easy to just have everything on hand...
  3. Strictly speaking, "pulled" pork is specifically meat that has been pulled apart using your fingers as soon as it's cool enough to handle, as opposed to "shredded" using forks, or "chopped" with a knife. (And I won't even bother starting the religious war of which barbecue sauce is "correct" for pulled pork! ;)
    • That's the reason I had not used that term before, but always carefully said "Shredded" pork. But I've seen enough use of the term to mean "tender cooked pork in a spicy tomato sauce" that I gave up and went with it here - but I'm happy to have clarification in the comments! Normally I do just use it in shreds - but in the soup you probably really want to chop it, just to make it manageable... In the original post I touch on the differences of opinion about the Right Way to cook the meat. My usual disclaimer - Authentic 21st Century New York cooking here... (I have friends in North Carolina. I'm not going *near* the barbecue debate!) It's a good recipe - and certainly not what you'd get in the South.
    • In this case, as I mentioned, I used water to start the lentils cooking, then more water with some ham base. When I cook a pork shoulder like this, I usually go ahead and then make stock - bone broth - from the bones and scrap, and then use it for later soup and cooking. If I'd had that handy I'd have used it. Otherwise, really, I'd have used chicken broth, or vegetable - or even water. The other ingredients in this recipe have enough flavor that it's still pretty good without broth! I would not use beef or mushroom, because they can be dominant, but others work well.

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