WIAW 101- Bleary February

February. The bleary month… I’m looking out right now at a gray, rainy day.

WIAW 101 - Inhabited Kitchen

The local groundhogs appear to agree with the rest of the East Coast that after a warm winter we shall have an early spring – I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that over-wintered greens will start coming in next month. Meanwhile, it’s time to use my freezer stash for a little brightness. Continue reading

Parsley Stuffed Portobellos

This happened sort of by accident…

Parsley Stuffed Portobellos - a gluten free stuffed mushroom. Easy and delicious, perfect for entertaining!

Rich had stopped at the supermarket on the way home to pick up milk. And he asked if I wanted anything else, and I said yes, mushrooms – I’m working on a recipe that calls for them. So then he called and said “Portobellos are on sale, do you want them instead of the plain white ones?” The last time I’d been in, I’d noticed crimini mushrooms labeled Baby Bellos, so I thought of them, and said sure. Then he came home and held up a bag that looked for all the world like a bag of bagels – and I gawped at him for a minute… and realized what had happened. (I am highly amused that Spellcheck is disputing “portobello” but not “gawped.”) Continue reading