WIAW 139 – the Turn of the Year

October is winding down…

WIAW 139 - Inhabited Kitchen

The World Series started last night. (Go, Cubs!) Trees are turning color (a bit late this year.) The CSA shares are full of winter squash, cabbage and curly kale. Every laundry day, I put summer clothes in the back of the closet, and pull out the long sleeved shirts – that task is almost done. I really should get new snow boots, though it’s hard to think of that, yet! Continue reading

Vegan Stuffed Pumpkin

A Vegan Stuffed Pumpkin gives everyone an impressive dish to serve at a Thanksgiving dinner.

A vegan Stuffed Pumpkin gives everyone an impressive dish to serve at a Thanksgiving dinner - or for Halloween!

It’s the last week of October. Most of us are in full Halloween mode (as far as holidays go, at any rate) or wrapped up in the World Series (Is this the year the Cubs finally win, after more than a century?) or cheering football. But some of us are looking ahead to Thanksgiving.

Especially those facing a challenge at the table. Continue reading

WIAW 138 – Thinking About Sauce

So it’s hot again?

WIAW 138 - Thinking About Sauce

It’s mid-October, and New York is in the low 80s. It’s not just us, of course – this warm front has been coming across the country (when a friend in Minnesota complained that her air conditioning wasn’t working right, I knew we were in trouble…) In some ways, of course, it’s nice – we’re having a good long harvest season, for instance. In Chicago and Cleveland they’re enjoying post season baseball games in unusual warmth. (I’ve lived in Cleveland – snow flurries are typical in mid-October, not 80 degrees…)  The jumping up and down, though, is hard on everyone. Continue reading