WIAW 117, and What I’m Doing

WIAW 117 - A full day of gluten free food.

I didn’t originally start discussing weather here because of any illusion that you were all obsessed by the weather in New York City. I started because so much of what I eat is seasonal – and a warm spring or an early frost therefore heavily influence the vegetables I can get, just as the first chilly day in September turns my thoughts to soup.

But this year! Last week I was talking about the cold, and we hauled the comforter out, and today it may hit 90… Continue reading

Red Beans with Pork – Protein Flip

Protein Flip - a term for moving meat and other animal protein from the center of our attention to the side, as in this recipe for Red Beans with Pork.

Protein Flip.

That’s the term the Culinary Institute of America is using in a white paper, about the need for chefs and other food professionals to stop obsessing about meat and other animal protein. The Culinary Institute of America is weighing in on this? Yes… Continue reading

Rhubarb Fruit Sauce

Rhubarb Fruit Sauce is a sour/sweet, brightly flavored condiment. Use with either sweet or savory foods, to add sparkle and interest.

Sometimes I wonder how anyone ever came to eat rhubarb in the first place.

It looks much like celery, but the outside is green to pink to red. (When you cut it, the inside is still green.) You can’t eat the leaves, which are toxic. You have to stew the stalks until tender, as they can be stringy. And it is very sour. Continue reading

WIAW 115 – Merry Month of May

Well, it finally is – this week. After a week of 50°F and rain, the sun has come out, and this may turn into a pleasant month after all. However, I took all these pictures last Thursday – so my food choices are downright wintery…WIAW 115 - Merry Month of May - Inhabited Kitchen

I’ve tended to photograph my day on the Monday or Tuesday before posting, so I’m then in a mad scramble to remember, for one thing, and do all the editing and writing at the last minute. Last week, since I’d photographed the birthday a full week earlier, it was so much easier… and I’m going to try to remember that. But it does mean sometimes I may be out of sync. Continue reading