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  1. As much of a food fanatic as I am, and as much as I love this holiday, I haven't locked in a plan either! I do know we're going to have cranberry sauce and brussels sprouts on the side, but I've got to get the menu finalized. I do want to try to corn pasta from Aldi's. that you mentioned...hopefully mine carries it. Have a great holiday!
    • Thank you! It did take a little while to adjust to the idea - but I kept seeing that Breakfast Burritos were a Thing (especially in the Southwest.) Well, they do need some prep ahead, but in the morning they are so much faster and easier than almost anything else I eat! And they taste good, and I can vary them a bit - and they just make sense on so many levels. Once I tried them, I was hooked.
  2. That pasta looks insanely delicious but mushy pasta is not good. For the past few years, I've been using a splash of olive oil instead of salt in the water because salt was making my pasta mushy. Love all the delicious food here. Now I'm hungry!
    • Oh, yes, we were delighted! Don't usually get enough... And those peppers are going into all sort of dishes over the next while. We were really pleased.

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