WIAW 81 - the first Fall weather.

We are starting to get cool weather! And the Equinox is this week… the sun is lower in the sky, and the evening is shorter…

I’ve finally figured out a place to set up photo studio – well, a spot that I can light halfway decently and style pictures… No more daylight at dinner time… Light has always been an issue here. I have very few places that I can set up that really get much daylight – but because of the Southern exposure, that light is very strong, direct – and changeable. A wisp of cloud seriously changes my exposure level. I’m sure that more experienced photographers can easily adjust to that, but I’m just learning. (And glare! Oh, my…)

So, anyway, my carefully styled hero shots are getting better, I think – but since I didn’t take time to set up and work with these, and I’m not yet familiar with my tools – well, taking too much time here to apologize for some pretty poor pictures… LOL But a year ago I would not have been embarrassed by them – so… anyhow…

WIAW 81 - the first Fall weather.

Breakfast. Are you getting bored with my bean tacos? I’m starting to… They’re still awfully handy, and fast, and they do taste good, so they won’t stop altogether any time soon, but… in these first cooler mornings, I’m starting to think about porridge. And putting the oven on for muffins doesn’t sound terrible any more. We may start having a little more variety in breakfast around here, sometime soon…  Oh, coffee with milk.  I never do remember the picture of the coffee…

WIAW 81 - the first Fall weather.

Speaking of variety, lunch was, astonishingly, not salad. I did mention cool weather? Ladies and gentlemen, my first Thrown Together Soup lunch of the season! I had frozen sauteed leeks, and frozen sauteed celery, and frozen pureed herbs, and frozen chicken broth, and a (not frozen) patty pan squash… and basically threw everything in a pan. (Well, I did cut up the squash.) And  I had cooked a batch of chicken thighs the evening before, so I added the meat from one of them, and a pint of cooked black beans.

And I ate most of it before I remembered to take the picture…  It was so good! Had some rice cakes with it, and water to drink.

WIAW 81 - the first Fall weather.

For dinner. Oh, my, it’s hard to tell looking at it… but that’s black beans with a little pulled pork, some celery, red Italian pepper, and tomato, over brown rice. It tasted a lot better than it looks. As well as the studio set up, I’m learning to use more settings on the camera – and, um, no. Not that one. Again, ice water with a touch of lemon to drink. (That’s what I usually drink for dinner – I keep ignoring beverages because they don’t vary much, but you don’t know that!)

So there we are. The next week or so will be a little chaotic – we’re going to have workers in to do some wiring, which requires us to clear space for them to work and – empty a closet! (Anyone who lives in an apartment will understand the fear that this statement strikes into our hearts… That closet is packed.) Just cross your fingers that they don’t make me move the bookcase with all the cookbooks!

So – it seems that most of the WIAW hosts are packing (or unpacking) All The Cookbooks (and everything else…) so Jenn’s party is at Meghan’s – Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

Come and see what everyone else is eating!

WIAW 81 - first Fall day



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