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I wasn’t feeling very well – but luckily I’d already cooked some things… and everything else was easy.

The weather has been in the 90s, and we have fronts and thunderstorms and unstable systems – and migraines, for those of us who partake. So today will be brief.

Breakfast Tacos - WIAW - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

I’d cooked another pork shoulder – they have been on sale frequently in the last while, so I’m laying in pounds of cooked shredded pork… because it is really easy to toss into other recipes later. On Sunday I didn’t have cooked beans, so I just grabbed a can of kidney beans, heated them and mashed them with some of the shredded pork, and made my breakfast tacos with half of that – and this, Monday, I ate the other half – even easier.

Last week, in the CSA pickup, we got parsley, so I tried the Quinoa Tabbouli that has been all over the internet… Well, I made my own tabbouli recipe, of course, but used cooked quinoa instead of bulgur wheat. I’m pleased to tell you that it works well (which might be the reason it is All Over the Internet… though I’ve certainly seen other things I have my doubts about!) I just got more parsley – it may become more tabbouli. I like to sometimes put my “brown” – handy jargon for “whole grain complex carbohydrate” – actually in my salad, instead of eating crackers of some sort on the side all the time.

Lunch salad - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Boneless chicken breasts were on sale, too. I really prefer dark meat for most use, but white meat is a nice change sometimes – and I’d sliced some of it and grilled it (on a grill pan – I don’t have an outdoor grill!) We ate some for dinner that night, but then I put the rest aside for use at lunch. Salad greens, my usual array of pre-cut vegetables, tabbouli, pre-cooked chicken, and a little cheese – all I had to do was wash the lettuce and assemble the rest.

WIAW - Sauteed chicken and spinach www.inhabitedkitchen.com

In the evening, I put brown rice in the rice cooker (such a wonderful gadget.) Then I cut up some more chicken breast, and some bacon from the freezer. I heated the bacon very slowly to render out the fat, and then crisp the meat – then sauteed the chicken, and a bunch of spinach. Would have been fine – and even faster and easier- without the bacon, but that did add some more flavor… I buy a pound of “bacon ends” and keep it in a zip bag in the freezer, then just cut a little off when I want it – that pound lasts a couple of months, as I don’t use it often, but each time I do, it adds umami. (Such a useful word…)

And I tried out a new background in this picture… we bloggers have to keep our pictures interesting! LOL I think it works…

All dressed up and no place to go – we’re just going to keep on partying here! Please join me! What did you eat? What do you like to eat?

And while we’re at it… What do you want me to write about? Is there a recipe you need? (Can’t promise any individual one – but I’ll try…) Anything else?

Ah, but no! There is a party! Arman at Big Man’s World is covering for Jenn!  Let’s go dance!


6 thoughts on “WIAW 75”

  • I haven’t invested in a rice cooker just yet, but I do love my slow cooker. I’d love a recipe for pork chops. A farmer friend just brought us some and I have no idea what to do with it!

    • Oh, I have several pork chop recipes here! My favorite right now is probably Orange Spiced Pork Chops. I have some others, too, though – just do a Search for pork chops! I usually use boneless loin chops, but you can substitute bone-in chops quite easily.

      I haven’t done chops in a slow cooker, if that’s what you’re asking about… they cook quickly enough, and just cooking for the two of us I don’t want to cook too much all the same.

      But fresh from the farmer! They’ll have great flavor – I would just do them very simply. Brown them lightly, then braise in just a little broth, maybe some herbs… It’s the same method as in the orange ones, just changing the braising liquid.

      Enjoy them!

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