WIAW 58 – No Time to Cook!

No time to cook!   www.inhabitedkitchen.com

I saw crocus blooming… (didn’t have the camera, though.) So there is hope… there will be Spring.

I am feeling better (thank you to those who sent good wishes! I love community… ) I’m a bit busy catching up now in both behind the scenes work here and other paperwork and writing that have been a bit neglected while I wasn’t well. So, I had no time to cook! Without more ado – what I ate on Monday, as it happens, served up on Wednesday.

Breakfast -

I’m mostly not having the protein shakes just now, but every so often, they just do come in handy, especially if I’m in a rush. So… kefir and orange juice with protein powder, and muffins I’d baked the day before, and a breakfast that was super fast to both prepare and eat.

Assorted leftovers - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Lunch was… cheese glop? Um… well, it is hard to tell… but it was a couple of leftovers – some chicken, some cabbage, other odd and ends, and quinoa – with a cheese sauce. There wasn’t actually all that much cheese in it – enough to boost the protein and pull the flavors together – but it certainly does dominate the picture… (I splashed in milk, dropped in a roux cube, tossed in cubes of cheese – et voila –  cheese sauce.)

Dinner - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Dinner – I grabbed a bag of already browned beef with onions from the freezer, added a little cumin and a lot of chopped cabbage, and a carrot, sauteed it all, added some water (broth??) and cooked until the vegetables were done, then threw it over rice. (Electric rice cookers are the best!)


The Floating Link Party has floated back home to Peas and Crayons...  Let’s all go visit Jenn for meal ideas!

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