It’s still March, it snowed all day Friday to welcome Spring, I’m still not feeling well.

And when I can rub two brain cells together, I’m working on a Project… which is pushing usual stuff, like Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party, to the side. Then I go “Eek! It’s Tuesday! I need pictures!”  In the middle of every meal, thank you very much, brain…  So, here we are…

Breakfast - cheesy eggs on tortillas - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Breakfast. Fast, easy, mindless – cheesy eggs on corn tortillas. I realize I’ve just been saying tortilla, and not specifying corn. Well, totally putting aside the current gluten issue, corn has always been the default tortilla to me – and I never liked flour tortillas to begin with. Which means that I have always been mystified by the Search for whole grain or gluten free flour tortillas – why not just eat the good stuff? LOL  No accounting for tastes… And good corn tortillas are readily available and pretty inexpensive here, so it’s a win all around.

Lunch. Well, as part of the Project, I finally broke down and bought a loaf of commercial gf bread. So lunch was a cheese sandwich on Actual (gluten free) Bread that someone I know had recommended.

My, that stuff is awful… Mushy, sticky, mucky… even when I toasted it the bread tore when I tried to butter it…  It was like the marshmallow bread my mom wouldn’t let in the house! Oh… wait… yes…. it is, isn’t it…  See, I don’t like that stuff. (I did when I was little, and I only ate it visiting a beloved aunt, who also made jello salads with mayo in them…) I’ve been looking and looking at recipes for gf bread, and being confused by the vast amounts of starch, and… they keep talking about high, light loaves. They’re trying to make Wonder Bread. But I don’t like Wonder Bread… So now I feel more confident about heading in another direction – we’ll see if this confidence has any basis at all in fact later. (That “bread” stuck to the rack of the toaster. Since when is bread sticky? Is that the starch or the gums? Surely I can’t bake anything worse… and whatever I do it won’t cost $6.50 a loaf!)Part of lunch? Muffin and cheese - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

But I was so busy analyzing what was wrong with the sandwich that I never took a picture…  until the second half of my lunch. I hadn’t felt as if I’d eaten a real lunch so I then got one of my corn muffins, and had it with a little more cheese… and remembered to take a picture in the middle of it. So here’s a picture of a half eaten muffin with some cheese – you’re going to have to take my word for it that a sandwich preceded it!

Dinner - pork and cabbage - www.inhabitedkitccchen.com

Dinner was just simple. Shredded slow cooked pork from the freezer, cabbage, onion and seasoning, a little broth, and I stirred in cooked rice. Pretty good, actually, even if it doesn’t look like much… Again, I was halfway through the meal when I realized I needed a picture – and didn’t bother picking it up and going to set up a Hero Shot – just snapped it there on the table.


Today the party has floated over to Sprint 2 the Table, where Laura is the one giving Jenn a break…  Come on over!





4 thoughts on “WIAW 57”

    • Thank you.

      I’m sort of trying not to grouse about it too much… but I have chronic migraine, and the basic fact of my life is that I am in more or less pain every day. Usually less these days than a few years ago… I am moving in the right direction, but March has always been difficult for me because of the weather changes.

      And that was a major part of the inspiration for my blog. I realized that when I did not have the energy to cook, but knew I needed to eat well (or I’d feel even worse) I developed a number of coping strategies – and others might benefit from them. So posting about those days actually does make sense. “This is what it looks like to pull things out of the freezer.”

    • Thanks! And thanks for the recommendation.

      I have also heard good things about Udi’s – but also that they have recently changed at least some of their recipes, and that the whole grain bread now has sweetener in it, which I don’t want. (Yeah – I’m picky about my bread…)

      And they also do have the starch…

      I think part of the issue is that most people are looking for the ‘nice light sandwich bread” – or else the (also nice and light, though with a crunchy crust) baguette or “artisan bread.” But I’m in NYC, and I grew up on sour rye and bagels and cracked wheat, and for years have eaten home baked bread. (I baked my own bread in a dorm in college, because the local stores didn’t have anything I was willing to eat. Sometimes white bread, in those days, but… with some substance to it.)

      I simply define “good bread” differently than many people do. So I’m going to have to work with that.

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