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Things are calming down a bit here, I’m glad to say… The weather is settling, at least a little, we call a 40 degree day cold, and a few flowers are finally blooming… though I still haven’t seen any daffodils, which are usually out by now. And I feel better.  (Rich took that picture – isn’t it lovely? He’s the real photographer in the family – though I’m learning…)

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I didn’t take pictures of our Easter meals – though I suspect you’ll see the rest of that ham pop up over the next month or two, we have enough in the freezer…  Ham has such a wonderful intense taste that I use most of it mixed in with other things – a few slices plain, sure, but we’ll have ham in beans, and ham with eggs, and ham in a cheese dish, and ham in more but different beans… I also had some breakfast sausage for Easter Breakfast, so I’m eating the rest of it this week, too. So here’s Easter Monday – sausage and eggs, with muffins, for breakfast.

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Lunch was chicken soup – from chicken and broth I’d cooked on Saturday. Onion and carrot, and a touch of tomato paste for richness (and more vegetable) and then rice cakes and cheese, because I didn’t have enough chicken left over for the full meal.

So I remedied that with dinner… I have been given a few packages of a commercial butter curry paste. The directions call for cooking boneless chicken in it, quickly – but since I had a package of whole legs, I cooked them – with a nice long simmer. We had a delicious dinner, and I have both cooked seasoned chicken and a container of rich sauce, with the chicken broth and fat from the legs… (I’ll use it over rice, and a dab in soup, and perhaps simmer something else in it…)  Then I sauteed zucchini in a touch of butter, to go with the sauce,  and added pre-cooked rice. Easy, and good.

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What I Ate Wednesday has floated today from Peas and Crayons to The Big Man’s World. Come on over!



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