January Sunset over Lower Manhattan- Inhabited Kitchen

50 of these! An arbitrary milestone, but nonetheless… it feels like an achievement.

Isn’t that picture lovely? (No, I didn’t take it – Rich did…) We look out over Lower Manhattan (that’s the World Trade Center at the left) and we see absolutely gorgeous sunsets – but the pictures never really come out well. The way our windows are set, we’re always shooting through the glass, and we never really get the richness of the color. Even this was really much more striking – a beautiful deep rose sky – but this is one of the better pictures he’s managed, so I thought I’d share it.

Anyhow – we’d had a little snow when that was taken last week – and we’ve had a good bit more, now, though not the predicted blizzard, which swerved East. (Friends on Long Island did get high winds and 20″ of snow, and it’s worse in New England.) Still, it’s icky out… and the weather is again doing a number on me. So our meals are running to Simple and Fast and “Please reheat stuff, Rich?”  These were the meals Monday, when it had started snowing – and the pressure was dropping…

Breakfast - cheesy eggs and corn muffins - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

For breakfast – cheesy eggs and muffins. Doesn’t everything look sunny and cheerful and – yellow? I’d used all the beans for dinner the night before, forgot to set more up, but had plenty of cheese…  and threw together some muffins. I’m experimenting with the recipe a bit – and so far, not making it better… these just fell apart badly. (Sometimes, Anne, when something works, you should leave it alone.) Oddly, for me, on the bad days morning is my *good* time – before anything starts to hurt, so then I can make muffins.

Soup! - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Lunch – the rest of the chicken soup I wrote about. And muffins, which I managed to not take pictures of. (But you saw them in the previous picture – and it’s not as if you haven’t seen muffins on this site… )

Dinner - Assembled Leftovers - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Dinner was assembled leftovers. I had Not Enough Chicken (sort of) Cacciatore… well, anyway, chicken simmered in a spicy tomato sauce. And Not Enough leftover braised chicken. Boned and combined, they were Enough Chicken with some tomatoes, so I added some of the ubiquitous frozen mixed vegetables, and a dollop of commercial pesto. I keep a jar of pesto on hand all winter. Don’t need it in summer, with fresh herbs coming in, but in winter it makes things taste fresher and brighter.


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