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Quick roundup, today…  nothing fancy.

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Breakfast was eggs in beans, with corn muffins. I’m tinkering with the corn muffin recipe again… and so far, not improving it… I should probably leave well enough alone!

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Lunch – this was a bit of an experiment. I’d just cooked chicken, and made broth. I was at the end of the package of tortillas, and they were drying out a bit and getting hard. (They do expect you to use more than 2-3 every day or so… ) so I decided to try a tortilla soup. Pretty good… I didn’t get the tortilla strips really crisp – I may need to fry them to do that –  but peppers, corn and tomatoes in the chicken broth, with chicken and tortilla strips added. No real recipe, just a test of concept at this point.

Dinner was – Clear the Fridge. The end of a cabbage, the last of the root vegetable mix I wrote about, some cooked chicken, a splash of the broth… served over rice…  and room in the fridge for the heavy shopping we did yesterday.

Dinner - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Today I’ll be packaging and pre-cooking ground beef…  we buy it in bulk but use pretty small amounts at a time, usually…  this package will last us a good two months or more. Some I’ll just freeze as is, some I’ll brown so I can just toss it into things without needing that step, some I’ll both brown and season… It saves me a lot of time and fuss down the road.

Joining Jenn, as usual, for the weekly roundup!


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