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Well – it’s taken me more than a year to write a year’s worth of posts – but that’s all right. (With me, at least… and I assume with you!) This feels to me more like a framework than an absolute weekly commitment.

These were the meals yesterday – Mardi Gras. I decided to get meaty… (since I’ll be more deliberate about meatless meals for the next 6 weeks.)

Breakfast, sausage and eggs, and corn muffins - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Breakfast was sausage and eggs, with corn muffins. Sausage has always been a real treat for me… 10 years or so, when I started getting serious about eating a good breakfast every morning, I found that if I had sausage, I didn’t “forget” to eat… though I often did otherwise. So for several years I simply had sausage every morning. I started making my own, sometimes from ground pork from the store, more often from ground turkey (largely because it was both more reliably available and less expensive.) This is from a batch I made up of pork sausage, most of which is frozen for future use. This meal finished the pack in the fridge.

Lunch - lentil soup with pork and greens, and muffins - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Lunch was lentil soup. I’m trying to get better at streamlining lunch… The hard truth is that, if I want to eat home cooked lunches, and eat when I need to, I can’t start planning lunch at lunchtime. If I want to throw things together to make lunch, the way I do all summer with my salads, I need to have things handy that can be thrown into a solid meal. I like lentil soup, but it does take about 45 minutes for just the lentils to cook, so lunch was running late – wait – so why am I cooking lentils at lunchtime? A few weeks ago I started periodically cooking a batch of lentils – just plain. They take less room in the fridge than fully assembled lentil soup with broth and vegetables and all – and I can vary them more, so I’m not eating the same thing every day. I mean, I’m already doing that with other beans…

So anyway, Tuesday I thought of it in time to cook the lentils and have them ready at lunchtime. I then wanted to turn it into soup quickly, for lunch… so I put lentils and the liquid they cooked in (I don’t want it taking up fridge space) and a few cubes of pork broth into a pot. Then I added some of the frozen precooked onion I keep on hand, and frozen precooked celery from last fall (I’m almost out) and a diced  greens muffin, and the last of the slow cooked pork. (Well – there’s still a pound or so in the freezer – but this was the last in the fridge.) A good shake of Spike seasoned salt, let it simmer a couple of minutes, and I had lunch. With the rest of the muffins from breakfast.

Dinner - easy as can be pot roast, veg and rice - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Now, I had been feeling all efficient (and well) in the morning – not only had I cooked lentils, I’d slung a piece of beef in the slow cooker, with a sliced onion, for my couldn’t be any easier pot roast.  (Cooked on Low for 8 hours.) And a good thing, too – I had a bad afternoon. So I told Rich to put rice in the rice cooker and went to bed…  when I finally pulled myself up again, he microwaved frozen vegetables, and served dinner. And you know – it was very good… and I didn’t have to lift a finger that evening (which was even better.)

I’m sorry to say that I am not joining Jenn at her party, as usual  – she isn’t throwing one, today. She’s been overwhelmed by posts that have nothing at all to do with WIAW…  and is taking a well deserved break from fools who refuse to follow instructions. (I feel quite strongly that the person giving the party has the right to set the conditions. I don’t wear jeans to a dinner dance or a ballgown to a barbecue. If I feel I don’t want to – or cannot – abide by the directions in a link party, I don’t link to it. Pretty simple, when you see it as common courtesy.) Anyhow, she still does a great vegetable oriented blog… do take a look!

And whether or not she decides to continue the linky party, I’m going to continue these posts. I really do like showing – and looking at myself – the way my food comes together. Recipes only tell you so much. This shows how they work.





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