What I Ate on a December day - Inhabited KitchenI’m dreaming of a gray Christmas…

Well – maybe not (though in fact, here in New York City, I’ve certainly experienced more gray rainy Christmases than white ones. I suppose I could be homesick for that, if I ever moved to a place where snow was common.)  But they tell us the sun may come out tomorrow, after it pours all day today.

I’ve been concentrating on work, and a few food gifts for the holidays, and some Behind the Scenes things I’m doing here on the blog…  Watch This Space! I’m making a nice Thank You for people who sign up for the email list – and everyone already signed up will receive it. (I don’t believe in ignoring the people who have supported you all along in the effort to find new readers…)

Also, remember – if you *have* signed up, make sure you then reply to the email you receive to Confirm – or we won’t send you anything. (I’m getting a lot of email for an Alice Murphy who seems to have entered my address somewhere by mistake…) And this is also a good moment to point out that (unlike whatever Alice originally signed up for) I will not sell your address. Signing up here will not bring anything but my posts.

And…. business over – on to the food!

Buckwheat pancakes for Breakfast - www.inhabitedkitchen.comI’m still playing with the buckwheat pancakes…  I’d actually made these a while back, froze them, and microwaved them – and they were quite good. Nice to know that’s an option… I’m starting to have protein shakes for breakfast again, though not as often as I used to. It’s nice, though, to have a breakfast that isn’t eggs, for a change! This was buttermilk and some flavoring with the protein powder  – vanilla, almond extract, ginger… Pleasant.

A cold lunch plate - www.inhabitedkitchen.comThe weather swung up warm, again, the last few days – so our apartment is warm. No soup, this time! I’d gotten several family packs of chicken legs, separated the thighs from the drumsticks, used the thighs in other dishes – and baked a whole pan full of drumsticks. Some of them are in the freezer for later – and we’ve had a few cold for lunch. I served it with the Kohlrabi Remoulade that became our favorite winter salad after I experimented with it last year… and some rice cakes and cheese.

Dinner wascornbread pie for dinner… I’ve seen it called corn pone, I think more accurately corn pone pie…  This Northern girl isn’t going to try to name it! But it is similar to a pot pie… Seasoned beans – and I added a little meat and vegetables – with corn bread batter baked over it. It was nice, but to our taste it both needed work – and was worth doing that work… “This is nice but could be better.” I like pot pies – and have really never made them, because I never made good pie crust. But they don’t have to be made with pie crust… there are shepherds pies and cottage pies and Cornish pasties and… this. Not pot pies, really, but all clearly in the same family. I’m going to be playing with some of those.

Happy/Merry/Blessed/Relaxing to all…

And I’m joining Jenn.


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