WIAW 43 - cold weather mealsI’ve been busy…

I’ve had a birthday, and Thanksgiving, and crazy weather making me miserable, and… I kept getting to Wednesday and realizing that, for good reasons or bad ones, I hadn’t taken any pictures of my meals.

So, yesterday, I thought – I’m getting back into that! I like doing this… It’s a good way to show you what I am really eating, and how my way of cooking fits into my life – and it’s good for me to be able to look back and think – oh, right, that was a good meal! Or… was I really eating that all the time?? (I’m looking at you, muffins.) Or…

Breakfast - bacon and eggs! www.inhabitedkitchen.comBreakfast. I often buy Bacon Ends, freeze them, and use them just as a cooking ingredient – but for various reasons (holidays among them) we have had, over the last month, 2 pounds of regular sliced bacon – so I’ve actually cooked bacon and eggs like a normal person. And I’ve been baking all these muffins – partly because it is a good way to find out about different flours – so breakfast was bacon and eggs, and millet/sorghum muffins. (I like them better than the millet/rice… sorghum has more flavor. I’ll be working with that…

Lunch - Soup & Muffins - www.inhabitedkitchen.comLunch was soup. This was an Everything in the Pot sort of soup… a lentil base, so to speak, with the last of a head of cabbage, and half a butternut squash, and… it was very good. (Still is – that’s going to be lunch today, too. It’s trying to snow out there, and soup looks awfully good…) And… more muffins… I’d actually rather not continue eating muffins once or even twice every day, and I don’t even always want rice cakes, so working on a new bready thing to eat with soup or for breakfast is a priority – and meanwhile, I’m starting to move them to lunch and find other things to eat for breakfast.

Dinner - Butter Chicken - www.inhabitedkitchen.comFor dinner, we had Indian Butter Chicken. Now, before you get all impressed…  I have cooked semi-authentic Indian food from scratch, but this was a commercial Curry Paste someone gave us. (Which actually is pretty authentic – it’s made by an Indian company which sells it to people in India, as well as here. The rest of the world does also use convenience food, now that fewer families have servants, or full time home makers.) Put the contents of the packet in the pan with water and chicken. I do use some commercial convenience foods – and they do make life so much easier when I’m not feeling well… this was very easy and pretty good (and I have half the recipe left for another meal.) Then the cooked kale and cooked squash came out of my own freezer – I microwaved them and the rice when the chicken was ready. The combination worked well.

As always, joining Jenn at Peas and Crayons – come to the party!  wiaw-fall-into-good-habits-button


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