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I have too many things in process…

I’ve been tinkering with mechanics of the blog itself. Mostly behind the scenes stuff, to make it work better – but some things you should be seeing soon.

I’m working with a few ideas that need to be made a few times (corn muffin mix coming soon! By George, I think I’ve got it!) to be sure I really have it right – and that it will work well for you.Harvest Season! - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

And it’s harvest season. I’m up to my ears in kale and winter squash! A lot of that is being processed for the freezer… Little green and orange muffins, or  half pint discs…

So, anyhow, I never did get pictures of dinner… you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you I did eat.

Breakfast - refried beans and eggs, corn muffins - www.inhabitedkitchen.comBreakfast. I’m really liking the bean/egg/muffin breakfasts. They’re not too hard (especially now that I have the muffin mix) and even easier on the days I already have muffins baked (which obviously anyone rushed in the morning would want to do ahead of time.) I come out to the kitchen, turn on the toaster oven to preheat, start the coffee. While it’s dripping, grease muffin tin, stir batter together, pour into tin, place in toaster oven. Dump beans in pan to start heating, sit down with coffee for five minutes. Return to kitchen, mash beans, drop in eggs, cover. Few more sips of coffee, take out muffins, put beans and eggs on plate, butter muffins, pour second cup – eat… I do it still half asleep… the muffins are no more complicated than the coffee. And that’s the days I’m baking the muffins – the days I just toast them are even simpler.

Lunch - soup season - www.inhabitedkitchen.comLunch. I’m out of the “I’ll throw a salad together” season, and have to pay more attention. In the past, beans and eggs were a lunch staple, but now that I’m often eating that for breakfast… I try to make enough soup for a couple of meals – and need to vary my soups more (and plan them ahead more, instead of standing in the kitchen at noon wondering what I’ll make today…)  And I’m starting to plan meals with leftovers for lunch – after all, I did that with no problem when Rich was carrying a lunch out to work a few years ago, I can certainly do that now.

Anyhow – this is chicken and lentils… and a few miscellaneous vegetables thrown in.

Dinner was chicken, too. I sauteed a leek and a cooking pepper, and cut up chicken thighs, and eggplant (surely you knew I’d have more eggplant) and tomatoes. Threw in a cup of cooked chick peas, and some water to simmer. Thickened it all with a roux cube (because I’m working with them a lot, right now) and added some leftover chopped broccoli and a dash of Spike. It had a vaguely Greek feel – I was thinking later that cinnamon might have been nice. Maybe I’ll add a dash to the leftovers. (Yes, I have some left – but the cold congealed stew doesn’t look at all as nice as the hot food did – I’m not taking a picture now!) Served it over rice.

I had a snack bag of Doritos, too… For various reasons (much too complicated to explain) we’re getting odds and ends of foods from other people – so flavored corn chips! (I totally eat tortilla chips – I think they’re a fun treat and I love them with chili –  but not usually flavored ones…) Brave new world that has Ranch Flavored Corn Chips in it… why? (I, personally, thought that one a bit less… successful… than some others – but presumably some people like them!)

Joining Jenn…


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    • Thanks!

      Oh, it isn’t “too much” squash – we love it too. It’s just a lot to deal with all at once. Luckily winter squash keeps pretty well (which is part of the whole point, after all!)

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