Monday's Meals - www.inhabitedkitchen.comAnd it is Wednesday – time for What I Ate Wednesday!

For anyone new, I join Jenn at Peas and Crayons in a weekly round up of one day’s food. I find it interesting, as it shows what I am really eating, not just what I am writing about – and, at the same time, it’s a way to show the way that the recipes I write about fit into my daily life. You’ll see leftovers and how I use Convenient Food and the everyday meals I don’t otherwise talk about.

Breakfast - pork & beans, corn muffins - www.inhabitedkitchen.comSo, this was Monday, this week…  We had eaten some commercial pulled pork the day before, and had leftovers. I used a little of that in cooked pintos for my beans in the morning, skipped the eggs (what eggs? We were out of eggs… <blush>  bad foodblogger, no bis… er… egg…) and finished the corn muffins I’d made the day before. The pork was highly seasoned, and went well in the beans, flavoring them nicely.

Lunch - quick chili - www.inhabitedkitchen.comThe cold front had come through – yes, I keep talking about temperatures, but they’ve been jumping up and down with no rhyme or reason…  We have lettuce, but no other salad vegetables, really, so I’m sliding over to side salads, not lunch salads…  I pulled out some of the chili meat I made a little while ago, and mixed it with pintos and entirely too much tomato paste. OK – I’ve written before about taking the little cans and essentially dividing them in 3? I fill 2 little ice cube containers, and use the rest. For a nice big pot of soup, or a stew, that works beautifully – sometimes you don’t even really taste the tomato as such, it just adds a richness…  For chili for 2 people? That’s much too much tomato paste. It drowned out all the other flavor. There was a sort of… nostalgic… feel to it… It tasted like many a bowl of cafeteria chili I’ve eaten. Perfectly edible, not actually horrible, but… not actually good, either. I had this temptation to go find Fritos…   (I wasn’t actually planning this as a day to show you how imperfect I can be – but I seem to have done a good job of that!) I’d been thinking of making a salad, but settled for an apple (no picture…) since the new, fresh apples have flavor and bite and cheered me right up.

Dinner - chicken, beets, and collards - wwww.inhabitedkitchen.comI did a bit better for dinner. This was Monday – Clear out the Vegetables to make room for More Day! So I cooked the huge bunch of collards (with chipotle in adobo, but also a bit of bacon.) We’ve been acquiring beets… For some reason, we seem to get them one or two at a time, which isn’t really enough for the two of us, since they don’t mix well into other foods. Other years I’ve left them down in the crisper drawer and watched them dry up and wither… this time I’ve been accumulating them in the vegetables keeper, which has worked much better. So I had half a dozen golden beets (which, come to think of it, I might have been able to mix with other things… turning everything golden isn’t as off-putting as turning everything scarlet. I need to remember that next year.) We did like them alone, though – sweet, not as earthy as the red beets.

And I’m in that brief time period when I can use my oven without baking us, as well as the food – so I baked drumsticks. No treatment or seasoning, just put them on the baking rack. (If I didn’t have a pan with a rack like that I’d put them flat on a pan, but this let them sit up out of the fat.) It was a so-called family pack, so I have more for future use – I’ll be using them for lunch. I do like cold chicken…

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2 thoughts on “WIAW 39”

  • Yum, so jealous of your beets. I’m loving that they’re in season. I could totally eat beets with everything.

    Your food looks amazing, I love warm comfort food in the Fall. 🙂

    • We loved the golden beets – and still have a couple of red ones to use.

      Thanks. We really do eat seasonally, and not just because I try for fresh and local… we just really want cool crisp salads in summer, and warm stewed beans and root vegetables in winter. It feels right!

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