WIAW 150 – February

Well, it’s February, and that’s about all I can say about that…

WIAW 150 - February

All right, between one thing and another, it has been both a difficult and a busy week for me, so I’m just going to cut straight to the food. Because good food helps us deal with other things, right?

WIAW 150 - February

For breakfast I made my usual cheesy grits – but for a change did not eat eggs. I’d slow cooked a pork shoulder a couple of days earlier, so I added some of the seasoned, shredded pork. I should do that more often – it was good! And there was coffee… there is always coffee, whether I mention it or not…

WIAW 150 - February

I’d made the Pan Roasted Root Vegetables, and had some left over. So I tossed them with cooked navy beans, and added cheese, for a delicious fast lunch.

WIAW 150 - February

For dinner – I had one link of Italian sausage, so cut it up and browned it.  Added cooked turkey and some leftover pasta sauce. (From a jar. Opened another night I didn’t feel well.) Then frozen peas, heated it all, served over polenta… with a little parmigiano grated on top.

No – I did not either have time or feel well enough to cook – what gave you the first clue? LOL  But we all have days like that – and we still need to eat.

This is the one hundred and fiftieth What I Ate Wednesday post? Wow. So if you’re in the mood for sparkling prose – well, at least I hope it is usually sort of sparkling prose – drop in on my old posts. Today we’re lucky we’re eating – but in fact, we will. (Which reminds me that I should take chicken thighs out of the freezer…) And Mama said there’d be days like this…

What do you eat on days like this? I’d love to hear!


WIAW 150 - February


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