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Tilapia with Gluten Free Pecan Topping — 24 Comments

  1. I love pecans, and love the idea of using them as breading on fish. I've often wondered how well they would stick to the fish. I love the combination of flavors you have going on with the saltiness from the cheese and heat from the black pepper. This is an awesome idea. I can't wait to give it a try.
    • Take a look at the pork chop recipe. I haven't tried frying them, so can't say for that, but they were fine on the baked chops! I found that the freshly ground nuts had enough of their own oil that it stuck all by itself. And thank you - the flavor combination was just right! Enjoy it!
  2. This sounds delicious! It's been awhile since I've had Tilapia, so I'll definitely have to try out this recipe. So yummy!
    • One advantage to tilapia is that it is easy for most Americans to get... but this would also work with any other mild white fish. Enjoy it!
  3. I've seen pecans as a breading and often been tempted to try it. Like you though, pecans are expensive. This year there were major storms throughout Georgia -- big on pecans -- and a lot of the crop was destroyed. Hopefully, I'll find some reasonably priced nuts. I do have to add to your information about fish. Not all white fish is pink when fresh. My Hubby fishes and cleans his fish and trout and flounder are not pink. Certain fish can be as fresh as can be and not be pink.
    • The pecans really work quite well. And thank you for the clarification - I know we didn't have trout at the fish counter, but there might have been flounder... Mostly I didn't want people to look at the pink fish in my pictures and think there was something wrong with it - but I have found it true in general when I shop, so wanted to share. Always good to know there are exceptions!
  4. I haven't had pecan crusted fish since I left the South about a decade okay. Your post brought back fond memories. I will certainly be giving your recipe a try soon to take a trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Love love love this recipe!!! I've used almonds before but never thought to use pecans but it makes perfect sense. What a wonderful flavor they have to have mixed with the nuttiness of the cheese. I can't wait to try this!!
    • Yes, the nuts and cheese work very well together. I was pleased... And yes, almonds are more common (and could certainly be used here) but I like the texture, as well as the flavor, of the pecans. Enjoy it!
    • As I said, I'd tried it once years ago - I thought I'd heard of it, and someone else's comment confirms this. They really work well.
  6. Love the addition of the pecan topping. And I do know how expensive they can be but well worth the cost the minute you take a bite.
    • LOL, the expense was the reason I didn't tend to have them in the house - but in this recipe a little goes a long way. It really dresses up a simple fish dish!

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