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  1. Well this sounds like a great chicken dish to me. The sauce would be great on some rice or mashed potatoes. I have some nice smoked paprika that I think would work great in this dish. Perfect for any night of the week, and entertaining worthy too.
    • Smoked paprika will give you a different flavor than the Hungarian sweet paprika - but it should also be delicious. (Depending on your paprika and your taste, you may need less.) Enjoy it!(And now I'm thinking I need to try it with the smoked paprika I bought at the same time - I'm curious!)
  2. This reminds me of a dish my German granny used to cook for us. She didn't call it Chicken Paprikash but German and Austrian Cuisine has adapted a lot of dishes from Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic over the decades and renamed it. I will definitely try your recipe and cannot wait to get that taste of my childhood again!
    • There's a lot of crossover in Eastern Europe... Try something that tastes good, why wouldn't you make it your own? And I do hope it tastes right for you! Thanks for telling me about that!
  3. This recipe looks amazing. I had a friend who made a version of this recipe in her slow cooker, but this is much more flavorful. I didn't realize there was a Hungarian paprika. I only though there was the regular one and the smoked one.
  4. I am so intrigued by Hungarian paprika. I want to try it now. Isn't it interesting that there are a few versions of paprika, all different from the other? This chicken Paprikash looks so delicious that I want to try it straight away. I'm on a mission to try Hungarian paprika and will let you know what I think when I make it!!
    • I'd love to hear! Well, paprika is powdered dried peppers, and there are so many kinds of peppers - sweet to hot... I love knowing a variety and trying them in various recipes!
  5. This really does have the most beautiful color from the lovely paprika. I'm glad you just used chicken thighs as it's so much less work to buy a package of those than break down a whole chicken. Looking forward to trying this one!
    • Thank you! Yes, sometimes I want the whole chicken, and that's what I used to cook, but often it's just so much easier, serving the family, to have pieces that are more or less the same size and will all cook in roughly the same time. (Aside from not having to cut things up!) Enjoy it!
  6. Hungarian paprika has such a great sweet, smoky flavor and it adds such a great color to the dish. I always cook with chicken legs and thighs because they have so much flavor. This is definitely going on my menu this week.
    • The one I get, at least, is not really smoky - though I bought smoked Spanish paprika at the same time. But it's a wonderful flavor, not quite like any other I've had... makes the most amazing sauce. Enjoy it!
  7. I love adding paprika to my meals and had no idea that different areas render different tasting paprikas. This looks so good, I'd love the sauce on just about any dish.
    • I think it's more that different cultures like different seasoning... There is hot Hungarian paprika, but it's not the most commonly used - this is. Lots and lots of flavor, but without much heat.
    • They totally are! Rich looked at my stained and spattered recipe with the notes to make just two servings (from when I was single - good as it is I didn't want to eat it all week and this sauce does not freeze) and said it was my best credential! And do try it - it's so good...

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