One Pot Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!

Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!

Even food bloggers sometimes walk into the kitchen, glance at the clock – and realize we don’t have enough time to cook the meal we had planned.

Or at any rate – I do… (don’t you?) and I did last week.

So first I stood in the middle of the kitchen dithering for a while (which of course does so much to get food on the table…) Then I swung into action – put away the baking dish I’d just taken out, took out the big fry pan, started the chicken cooking – and realized that this would make a good post. Because surely I’m not the only person to need a fast one pot meal.

Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!

To begin with, I cooked four servings. No, this didn’t mean I had guests (or I would not have stopped for a photo session!) We needed cooked food to carry the next night that would just need to be microwaved, and planned over leftovers are the best way to do that. (Which is the reason I didn’t switch to one of my other fallback meals, which would not have given us the second dinner.)

Anyhow – I had planned toΒ  bake chicken and sweet potatoes, while I fixed vegetables. But we needed to eat in half an hour. So – the pan went on the stove over low/medium heat, and I let it gradually heat up while I took out the chicken and sweet potatoes.

Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!

Then I added just a drop or two of olive oil – just enough that the skin would not stick (though it did in one spot – oops) and put the chicken skin side down in the pan, over medium heat. The goal is to both brown the chicken and cook out some of the chicken fat in and under the skin. I let that cook for around five minutes, while I peeled and cut the sweet potatoes into bite sized pieces.

Then I turned the chicken over, and gave it another minute or two to start browning the other side lightly. Then I moved them to one side of the pan, and – hey, a flavor flourish! – added some ginger paste (I have a tube of the stuff, which is very convenient) to the fat in the pan. (If there had been a lot of fat, I might have spooned some out, but it was really just the right amount for what I wanted, here. It does add a great deal of flavor.)

Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!

I stirred the ginger around in the chicken fat, then added the sweet potato pieces, and tossed them in the seasoned fat. Then I rearranged the chicken with the potato in a single layer (or as close as I could get it) around it, added a cup of water, and covered the pot. (OK – so a pinch of salt would have been a good idea… Next time?)

I let that simmer, covered, for about 15 minutes, then checked. Turned over the chicken, just to be sure it cooked evenly, noticed the potato was falling apart soft, and that the water was now a rich brothy sauce. And I added frozen broccoli. (If I’d been using fresh florets, I’d have put them in after ten minutes.) I did, in this case, only add enough for us to eat that night – the next night I just took frozen along and microwaved it all together – but of course I’ll write up the recipe as if you are eating it all at once! Covered the pan again, and gave it just a few minutes until the vegetables were cooked.

And that was it. I served Rich, took pictures of my plate, and even with the photo session was eating about half an hour after I started to cook. Not bad at all!

Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!


One Pot Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Anne Murphy
Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Main dish
Cuisine American, Gluten Free
Servings 4 servings


  • olive oil
  • 4 chicken thighs
  • 2-4 sweet potatoes depending on size
  • 1 T ginger paste
  • pinch salt
  • 1 lb. broccoli florets fresh or frozen


  • Heat a fry pan. Heat about half a teaspoon of oil. Place chicken thighs, skin side down, in the pan. Cook over medium heat about 5 minutes, until skin browns and some of the chicken fat renders out.
  • While chicken cooks, peel and cut sweet potatoes into bite sized pieces.
  • Turn the chicken pieces over, and move them to the side of the pan. Put ginger paste and salt in the chicken fat in the pan, and stir well. Add sweet potatoes, and toss to cover with seasoned chicken fat.
  • Arrange the chicken and potatoes evenly in the pan. Add 1 cup water, then cover.
  • Simmer over medium heat. Add fresh broccoli florets after 10 minutes, or frozen after 15, cover, and cook until broccoli is done.
  • Serve at once, pouring sauce from pan over meat and sweet potatoes.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Make this fast one pot meal of chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables! A delicious easy dinner!


50 thoughts on “One Pot Chicken and Sweet Potatoes”

  • Yummy. I love chicken thighs. I too sometimes dither in the kitchen too! πŸ˜‰ Last night I was making chicken wings and forgot that they take an hour, I allowed for 1/2 hour. Not sure what I was thinking, so there was a lot of dithering done!

    • LOL – I try to be honest… and then, it’s always comforting to know I’m not the only one who dithers!

      And yeah, basically the same issue… It happens.

      Fortunately, so did a pretty good meal.

    • Here, he heats a couple of cans of chili… LOL

      But, as I said, I also needed a meal to carry the next night, so I was still on the hook. So, needs must…

  • I’m all about fast meals that aren’t pasta! Loving this easy setup – gonna keep in my back pocket for a desperate night of dinner. Which may or may not happen today or tomorrow!

    • I just haven’t eaten much pasta since I went gluten free – I haven’t found much that I like, and the ones I like best aren’t available in my neighborhood. And you really have to get timing exact or it all goes to mush… So, while I still eat it sometimes, it’s no longer a fast dinner on a night I feel harried, but a planned event, so to speak.

      My usual fallback is something and something over rice – but horror! I didn’t have any cooked rice… (and since we eat brown rice, it takes a while.) And it is nice to vary that, too. Glad I had the sweet potatoes, and thought of cutting them up!

    • It’s usually the migraines, for me, and that may have been a factor, here, but mostly, I just lost track of time. But they also mean that when I need to eat, I need to eat… irregular meals are themselves a trigger.

      I felt so clever when I remembered the ginger – hey, seasoning! A Real Recipe! It wasn’t obvious, really, but just warmed everything up and added depth – I’m glad I thought of it. It really did make a difference.

    • Usually my “one pot meals” still need to be put over rice or something. This was really everything together, all ready at once, so easy…

      And believe me, I’m gong to make it again – it really worked out well.

    • Thank you!

      Oh, everyone needs a few one pot meals up their sleeves… There are days when easy is the most important factor (though in my house, it had still better also be tasty!)

    • Right, doesn’t it work that way?

      The sweet potatoes ended up flavoring and slightly thickening the sauce – who knew? All the flavors come together to make something better than the sum of the parts! I love the way flavors can play off each other.

    • I love thighs, too. For one thing, they’re the easiest cut to deal with, with just the one bone… and we prefer dark meat.

      And thank you – the three really came together wonderfully.

    • Thank you!

      I’m trying to cook sweet potatoes more often – we both like them, they’re easy, and I just don’t think about them… But hopefully you’ll be seeing some more sweet potato recipes around here! There are just so many good things to do with them!

    • Thank you!

      You’d be surprised – the ginger was much more subtle than you’d expect. More a warm flavor, a hint of something interesting, but not dominant at all. (I have found that commercial ginger pastes vary a bit in intensity – and this is a new one to me – so that may be a factor.)

      Now – that amount of fresh ginger would be much more assertive – and yes, I’d like that myself!

  • Hahaha! It’s so funny, being a food blogger – people have this vision in their minds of us whipping up fabulous dinners every single night. It’s absolutely NOT the case in my house – I too, stand and think “omg, what am I going to feed these beasts” and do a rummage in my pantry, fridge and freezer. Last night it was chicken nuggets, steamed broccoli and fruit salad. I’m not proud, but not ashamed either! I usually have the ingredients you used – including ginger paste. I’ll give your recipe a try!

    • I know, right? Rich does this description of me standing in front of the fridge muttering to myself…

      Now – much of what I write about is everyday cooking, because I’m trying to help others who have the health issues or other constraints I have still eat well. So I write about ordinary meals and How To Use Leftovers a little more often than most food bloggers. Even so – one day I may do Cool Things with Carrots – some of the recipes I have written up – and another, it’s that frozen broccoli in the microwave because we need to eat. (And something like that Spiced Pork Roast from last week? That’s not even a weekly occurrence, let alone a daily one!)

      And most of those still taste very good…

      Fruit salad. I should make a fruit salad… πŸ˜‰

  • It’s great that you can easily adapt to what you have available. I often have to do that, too. We bloggers need to be versatile that way, right? I love that you added ginger as that always makes any dish tasty! Yum!

    • I’ve never been a fan of running out to get one ingredient for a recipe… partly because I have lived places where that was much more difficult than it would be here. At the same time, for years I had a very irregular schedule, which made planning in advance difficult. I learned early to work with what I had – and make sure I always had an assortment of things that could make a meal. Useful skills…

      Yes, the ginger definitely added a grace note – elevated the whole dish a level. Amazing what a little seasoning can do.

    • Thank you! It really was good, if I do say so myself… and the ginger, though subtle, added a lot. I hope you all enjoy it!

    • That was always my problem with the classic set meal plan – I’ve had too many jobs where you can’t count on leaving at a set time. I needed to learn to work with the resources (or lack of same) that I had – including time…

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