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Double Corn Fritters — 17 Comments

  1. I have never tried corn fritters. Seeing that it is simple to make and that it is packed with delicious vegetables, I would want to try it now.
  2. I've never had corn fritters before, but my husband absolutely loves corn. I'll have to try and make these for him - I'm sure it will be a hit. Your recipe looks simple enough but full of flavor!
  3. Oh this looks so delicious. They look so crunchy and full of flavor, I will try them for breakfast tomorrow!
  4. You are so corny! Love this recipe and that it is gluten-free. I can see myself making this year-round. Right now, I'm thinking with some pan fried fish. Yum, Yum!!
  5. There's nothing better than sweet summer corn! I have a bunch of it in my fridge, and love making corn cakes. I've never tried it like this, as a fritter before. I like the technique, and will definitely give this a try
  6. I am loving your recipe for corn fritters. Summer equals corn for me and I am always looking for ways to enjoy my summer garden these flavors
  7. These look so delicious! I love making fritters and double corn just makes me happy!! Very easy recipe and you show how easy these are to make ... perfect!

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