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Carrot Ginger Salad Dressing — 12 Comments

    • LOL - perfect! Actually - to make it closer to that, use rice vinegar (and probably a little more - it's milder) and a neutral flavored oil, instead of my European based wine vinegar and olive oil. But close, yes!
    • See what I said in the previous comment about a few flavor swaps - but yes, the same general idea. Thank you!
    • I'm just cheap ;-) Years ago, when I realized the contrast between the price of salad dressing and the cost of the ingredients, I converted! Especially since even the most complex take very little work. Though yes, I'm much happier with the ingredients, too. It really is easy...
    • Well, I really started with the tofu dressing - but most versions I've had were a bit bland for my taste. Ginger takes care of that problem! (In fact, you can add more if you like - I tend to keep my recipes on the mild side, so no one is stuck with something they have trouble eating.) Enjoy it!
    • The silk tofu does some really amazing things. I linked to a couple of older recipes in the post - "creme" soup, even pudding! It's a useful technique to know, even if you don't often use it, because for one thing, it's easy... and because sometimes it's good to have a non-dairy option up your sleeve if you know someone who is lactose intolerant or vegan.

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