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Banana Bread – Gluten Free, Sugar Optional — 13 Comments

  1. Hubby loves banana bread, I do not. So, every month I cave in and make him a loaf. The funny thing is I try a different recipe each time. So this month, I'll be trying your recipe! I'm sure he's going to love it!!
  2. Nice recipe.could you please tell me what is sorghum flour? Never heard of it before. My family loved banana bread and this is gluten free too. I wish to try this one.
  3. I keep a bunch of brown bananas in my freezer just in case the craving hits me. I like that this version is lower in sugar. Most banana breads are more like banana cake with the amount of sugar they include.
  4. Banana bread is one of my favorite easy breakfasts! I love that this is a less sweet version because I also hate starting my day with a super sugary meal. This is something my daughter and I can enjoy together!
  5. I love the option you give for making this sugar free. Ripe bananas are sweet enough as you say. Plus this looks like the perfect start to the day. Quite a nutritious and filling start, if I may add!
  6. Everyone needs a great banana bread recipe! We alway wind up with a few too many ripe bananas, we just can't seem to eat a bunch fast enough.
  7. Perfect! Banana bread is a must have around my house and your recipe looks perfect. I love the variations and love that it is gluten free :)

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