WIAW #10And we’re at 10!

Breakfast as usual… steel cut oats, protein shake, coffee… I put a pinch of ground ginger in the shake, along with the orange juice and yogurt…  gave it a nice bit of zing. (Ginger loses flavor quickly. If it has no zing, replace it… I’m lucky to be able to buy it in a local Indian store, where it is very fresh, and even so I don’t always use it before it starts getting bland…)

Lunch WIAW#10Lunch – more soup. It’s been a cold, snowy winter, and I’m making soup all the time… Each pot is a little bit different, so we don’t get bored. This one, I had just slow cooked a pot of chicken legs, and then made a pot of stock with the liquid from that and the bones – simmered all day so it was rich in both flavor and nutrition. Used that, vegetables, and some of the cooked chicken. Lots of vegetables – I think you can see the carrots, celery and okra – also onions, and hot pepper. Ate it with good whole wheat bread.

Dinner WIAW10Dinner was  cut up pork loin, a can of chick peas, and cabbage. With rice. It was a bit bland, so I served it with pickles.The pickles were home  made scape kimchee, and jalapeno, carrot, and scallion pickles. They let me have a taste of summer in February.  (I like pickles – Rich doesn’t, particularly. I need to stop relying on them to perk up  a bland dish, since it doesn’t help him…)

This meal was a bit thrown together… tasted OK, but not exactly a treat. It happens… A bit of spice would have helped… caraway, maybe, goes well with pork and cabbage…

Joining Jenn’s WIAW link party – Love your veggies!

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